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| Monday, September 13, 2010
Have you ever wanted to try out a new spec, switched over, and ten minutes later wondered if you were temporarily insane? You know, things like a bored lowbie mage decides to try out fire and realizes that it's absolute crap at low levels. A crit-based spec with 7% crit, doesn't work. He only wasted 15g for the switch over, but it's going to be 20g to get back, meaning 35g to try out something bad. Not so good.

Rather than full permanent respecs, why not offer something temporary, a respec trial. Imagine if for 10g you could switch specs for a few hours. Pay the 10g, talents are wiped, and then once you spend points, the timer starts. Once it ends, talents revert back to what they were before the trial.

This could be a great help to the hybrids as well. You know, holy-curious paladins who aren't sure they want to commit to a full spec right away. They just want to test the waters. Put on a dress, use their fingers a bit, be a bit less assertive than a tank or DPS. You know, back there. I mean, it's not weird or anything to just want to see what it's like, you know?


What I'm trying to say is that I was a little bored with frost and wanted to try fire, but now I remember why I switched away from fire: it's garbage at level 37. This guy is over on Arie Peak, the server that my shaman and paladin abandoned. He's all alone, having to beg for gold from other alts who aren't much better off. This respec stuff is making him broke. It's like some sort of terrible addiction where he keeps wanting to get out of the game but he has to keep putting more of himself in, gotta keep investing, or it's all going to collapse and he's inevitably going to be stuck holding the bill for 35g and then what? Glyphs are 20g or more, he can't even afford those, and now he's wiped out. The poor guy would cry if his tear ducts hadn't rotted away. What is the point of ignite when you can barely get a crit? What is master of elements doing? You can't burn down an enemy in a couple seconds when you need four spell casts to kill it and it's running at you at full speed. He can't AoE grind. He can't even kill one mob without getting slashed in the face. It's a hard undeath.

Please, offer some relief to this poor soul: offer trial respecs. They won't save him from his bills, but at least he can no that no one else will have to suffer through this.

Also it would be great for people who would get 10g worth of utility from a few hours of a different spec, like arena people or raiders. And me. Please, whatever else, no matter how heartless you are, just ask, "what's in it for me?" And by me I mean me, as in Klepsacovic the person who writes this blog. I'd say think of him, but that's me speaking in the third person and that gets confusing.


Sevo314 said...

This would be a great idea. I have respecced just about all of my characters all the way to the 50g limit, only to spec back realizing how stupid I was.

And I played as holy, and I liked it. I hope my girlfriend don't mind it.

Zahraah said...

its not so much the respecing.. but the reglphing and working out a better gear set ( well thats what I found when mucking around with pvp and disc offsets - so upset my work has designated your blog as 'games' and blocked it so can't comment when I am work - must buy a 3g dongle so I can use my lappy at lunch

Klepsacovic said...

@Crusader Sev: You got to 50g by trying out specs? That's almost impressive. Do you know there are talent calculators where you can fool around with points before spending a respec on a character?

@Zahraah: The reglyphing is a major problem, but cataclysm is supposed to fix that. I'm sure they'll figure out a new problem though.

Tell your work that this is no game. This is serious business.

Sevo314 said...

My problem wasn't trying the specs out on first, as much as it was me messing up when putting in the points. I was very thankful when I found the Preview Talents button in the Interface options lol That feature combined with dual specs, saved me much frustration.

Syl said...

I use the talented mod, makes things easier. :)
that said, I think we're kinda spoiled in wow - the fact that we can respec all the time into different roles even and without any cost really, is not something i take for granted.

Tesh said...

What's really spoiled is the Guild Wars system, where you can respec for free at any town. Later in the game, you can even swap out your subclass for free.

I love that flexibility. It annoys me that WoW and others of its ilk don't offer the same. I see the gold cost to respeccing as One More Time Sink to pull in that sweet, sweet sub money.

Pisses me off.

Edawan said...

One thing I'd rather see is have a timer before your spec is definitely fixed.
If before the timer is expired you realize you don't like your new spec, or you put your points in the wrong talents, you could reassign your talent points. You wouldn't get a refund, but at least you wouldn't have to pay a second time to fix a mistake.

Like last night, when I changed my ret spec to a second prot spec for LK HM, and as soon as I left the trainer I realized I had forgot to put one point to reduce my stun CD. -_-'

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