An Inconvenient Group

| Wednesday, September 15, 2010
My mage needed to rescue a princess. A dwarf princess. Thrall wants to help out the dwarfs in a big way to promote peace.

So I'll just queue up and booya: blackrock depths. Also I appear to be at the throne room with the group starting to kill the Senate. How convenient. Or not. The shaman wisely decided to ignore my call to not kill her, ignore the party guide's call to kill the boss, and ignored all grouping concepts like killing the same target as the entire rest of the group. And common sense things like: If someone yells at you you should probably change what you're doing rather than do it even harder, with the exceptions of men in pornos who should always do it harder.

So the princess died.

But no worry, another queue popped and again Blackrock Depths, sent off to kill the Emperor. And again, she died.

Al Gore was absolutely right, he just had a slight typo in his movie title.


Nils said...

Do not worry. In Cataclysm there will not be anything that makes you depend on other people in dungeons.

And some people will consider this a good thing, because depending on other people is sooo vanilla.

Leah said...

I'm one of those people actually, depending on other people sucks, I would much rather leave my interaction with other people to choice rather then necessity. Pleasant behavior born out of having no other choice but to behave is only an illusion of playing with a pleasant person, they are only pleasant, because they have no choice to be otherwise.

now in a system where no one HAS to be pleasant and some still are? that's how you know you found people you want to keep in touch with.

Klepsacovic said...

@Leah: In this situation no one else loses anything by screwing me over, so that would make this a system is which no one had to be pleasant, and no one was.

If the goal is to never need anyone else, why not just have a single player game with a social chat feature?

Klepsacovic said...

P.S. Another group killed her. They were a bunch of obnoxious jackasses bitching at the healer because they ran away during looting. And they would not shut up about vanilla. Dear god.

Syl said...

you should really know by now that some dps just can't help themselves - must..keeel....must...keeelll!!! /droool

wtb virtual large trout.

Leah said...

I like playing with actual people. not just chatting - playing. I look at it as personal relationships though, for example, I'm not with my husband because I have to be, I'm with him because I want to be.

problem with random pugs is that they are in a pug because that's what they got stuck with, so they don't want to make an extra effort to work with someone they don't know and probably will never see again...

I've noticed a trend recently, at least on the 2 servers I play most often on. people are organizing from server instance groups again, both low level and heroics. not just guild groups - looking for more in trade groups. its actually pretty darn nice - you can ask for quest help without having your head bit off, followed by a group kick and the party chat is not dead silent O_O.

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