Fresh Food

| Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Why do we all willingly eat old, stale food? Do our characters have no taste? Are they Irish orphans who are glad to have stale bread crusts rather than their usual ration of however much grass they can get from the cows before the guards come and throw him in debtor's prison? He's going because his father died before his sentence was up, hence being an orphan, and someone has to fill the sentence. It was a very just legal system in those days.

I want fresh food!

But as we all know, the only way to get anything done in WoW is to give stats or achievements for it. An achievement for serving fresh food would only cause a brief bubble of good food, leaving us hungry for more. That leaves stats.

I propose that food cooked with ingredients less than one day old and then eaten within two hours grants a "fresh food" buff which is slightly more powerful than the normal buff from the food.

It's time we stopped accepted month-old fish feasts cooked with even older fish, which I might remind you was never frozen or even refrigerated, not even packed in snowballs!


Faeldray said...

I think the question of how our food is kept fresh can be answered with a single sentence: A wizard did it.

Anonymous said...

I occasionally shudder in horror when looking at my bank tab packed with meat.

Food poisoning inc!

Dàchéng said...

Cheese: the ultimate stale food. Left to rot before it is ready for sale. (I believe the Japanese mostly think the whole concept of cheese is disgusting).

Wine: the ultimate stale drink. No wonder they go together.

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