Does Blizzard need to hire perverts for their fan art section?

| Thursday, September 16, 2010
Not the artists, the reviewers. It seems too often that something slips through. A naked tauren implying bestiality with her pet. An elf jerking off a human or possibly dwarf under he table. Of course things will slip through, but it's probably too often for some people, most likely management. Clearly the reviewers cannot catch every single hint or suggestion, but really, the tauren was naked. Not even in the standard string thong armor, just naked.

Maybe the reviewers just aren't dirty enough. Maybe they are mentally balanced people in stable, fulfilling relationships with no strange fetishes but nothing repressed either. People who can think a cigar is just a cigar and don't question why many of the greatest architectural achievements of Europe are gigantic penises. Expecting them to catch the innuendos in their arts is like expecting a blind man to evaluate color-blindness test materials.

To remedy this, I suggest that Blizzard hire at least two more reviewers. One must be a 15 year old male. The other must be of age 40 or above and found drifting in the park. There are risks that this new filtering staff will have too many false positives. But a few less thonged elves might be a worthwhile tradeoff for fewer draenei rubbing gnomes while getting stripped.


Ratshag said...

I volunteers fer the job.

Leah said...

Naked Tauren? where?



what? I'm just a teenage boy at heart O-O

Glyph, the Architect said...

Why hire them for money when people on the internet will do it for free?

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