Self-Righteous Sunday: Sanity and Reasonableness

| Sunday, September 19, 2010
Is this the end of our world? Is the only thing saving America from insanity... a comedian? A Rally to Restore Sanity put on my Jon Stewart of the Daily Show?

I don't think so. Or at least I would hope not. Surely we can think without having to laugh at the same time. Surely we do not need a comedian from a network called Comedy Central to rally us to a cause of reason and sanity.

Have we really fallen so far as a nation? It's insane.

What's next, a woman who supported wasteful government spending becoming the queen of a crusade against wasteful government spending? A perpetually unfaithful man attacking who even hints that family values is a nonsense phrase? A crazy man with Nazi-tourettes holding a rally to restore honor?

It looks as if we have fallen so far.

Then again, George Washington sent the militia to force farmers to pay whiskey taxes. After a revolution founded on no small part on the cry "no taxation without representation." Though it's worth noting that technically speaking the farmers had representatives. Maybe. I don't remember who could vote back then. But on a more reasonable note, as long as Obama doesn't send the National Guard to break up Tea Party rallies, he's granting at least as much freedom as George Washington. I would have said that Obama had historical precedent to use troops to break up Tea Party rallies, but it would be unreasonable to deny them their right to be unreasonable.

Maybe America does need a comedian to restore sanity. It's like in the movies when only a handful of teenagers can save the world. In this case the teenagers have been combined into one, both in age and immaturity. So uh, wish us luck.

As for the warlocks and priests, you may be more interested in the March to Keep Fear Alive.

For my part, on that day I will attempt to write a reasonable post. I encourage all of you to do the same.

Oh, and the date is 10/30/10. That's October 30, 2010 for those of you who find the American system of month, day, year to be ridiculous. Day/month/year is far superior due to automatically sorting dates merely by the number.


Christian Clark said...

Sorry, Klep, but fear needs to die the slow and painful death it's deserved since the developers had this BRILLIANT idea to include a game function which removes all control from the player.

Klepsacovic said...

You mean crowd control? Fear has been dying a slow and painful death. Very very slow.

Edawan said...

year/month/day is far better for sorting things.

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