Self-Righteous Sunday: Liberating Theology

| Sunday, September 5, 2010
When you're drowning in badges and starved of time, when you've run a thousand heroics and must do a thousand more, when your gear can kill a boss but lose to a gearscore check, what do you to? To what do you turn for salvation? Where do you set down your modern age pursuit of unattainable and meaningless riches?

Perhaps you bow to the alt and the 79 levels?
Or do you prefer the natural existence of a farmer and fisherman?
Do you seek solace in the traditions of past and the truthful instances which are seemingly lost?
Do you do battle in the eternal Valhalla of the battlegrounds and arenas?

Let us not worry which are wrong, only which are right. Let us all choose our own path to righteousness and freedom. Let us pick our liberating theologies.


Anonymous said...

i feel your pain

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