For the hell of it

| Saturday, September 18, 2010
For the f-word!

I'm now in the rebirth of Word of Redemption, known as Acceptable Losses of Zer'zhul. We hit the ground running with raiding, taking down Nefarian, C'thun, Ragnaros, and that guy in AQ20 with the funny head. Yes, old raids. We only have 6 people or so, what do you expect?

So we run and joke around on vent and generally have a good time. Why are we running these places? For the hell of it. Strange phrase, implying no reason at all, just going and doing it. No real rewards. I mean, I have all my rep from those places, I have my judgement set, what else would I want? Just for the hell of it.

Ah, the f-word.


We queued for some randoms to do achievements that we came across. Knocked out a few. Apparently I'd never ridden a bronze drake before. I think my groups always failed so I took over the red. Less-rabi somehow happened. Considering that's what I'd call the hardest achievement, sounds good to me!

They were running BRD to attune someone for MC. They wondered why I didn't go with. Don't I love that place? Of course. I said I was always with them, always watching. Sounded creepy. And I was nowhere in sight. So I waited. Waited. And as they ran toward Incendius and were wondering why I would skip BRD, I jumped. My cloak wooshed out above me and I slowly landed among them, wondering what had taken so long.
 We reminisced about lava hopping and the rhythm we had once known but lost.  I speculated that MC would have made a good five-man if sped up.  And we all agreed, there's something magical about Ragnaros.  No matter what level you are, go see him.  See him yell IN ALL CAPS about INSECTS running rampant in the hallowed CORE and being led to HIS LAIR, resulting in JUSTICE BEING MET INDEED.

Weapons look so much better on humans than blood elves, probably because they're big enough to properly see the detailing.


Shintar said...

I completely agree about Ragnaros. I think it's his sheer size... we five-manned him the other day but I still felt the need to take a screenshot of how amazing he looked coming out of the ground. Can't say that for a lot of bosses these days.

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