Did anyone ever run down the ramp in UBRS?

| Friday, September 3, 2010
We don't do that anymore + shortcuts = this post

The Rend event is triggered by people falling in the middle of that 'pit'. To the left is the big gate for dragons to come. To the right is the exit that opens after Rend is beaten. The normal procedure is to jump directly down. But there's also a ramp which can be taken, requiring the clearing of one or two additional packs.

I never saw anyone take this ramp, beside mis-managed pets.

Did anyone ever take the ramp? I'm sure the first few groups did, but did you, whenever you played, see the ramp get used?


Ngita said...

Pretty sure we used the ramp in a fun run in naxx gear, mainly to do the t0.5 boss. But feb-march 2005 people where allready jumping down(and wiping because someone had just gone afk)

Green Armadillo said...

I didn't even know there was a ramp, and I farmed UBRS for gear back in the day. I thought that jumping in was part of the point.

Scotch said...

I knew about the ramp, but once people learned that you could jump and skip trash, they did so. Is this any different than skipping bosses in heroics today?

Jonathan said...

When I was tanking, I always took the ramp. Why? Because it's only two packs, and reduces the chance of a wipe due to someone forgetting to dismiss a pet significantly.

Savings of 1 minute vs. the chance of a wipe / run back. I never considered it to be "free" time, it's a risk / reward with very low reward.

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