Buy them! They look cool!

| Saturday, September 25, 2010
As anyone on a RP server (not me) can tell you, stats become obsolete, but appearances are forever. The funny hats, fancy robes, strange weapons, they are eternal. Or at least until Blizzard reuses the model. But still a BoE is more valuable than a BoP that people need to quest or raid for.

This leads me to Gnomeaggedon's woe: Got a pile of Tankard o' Terror. Shame there are 300+ on the AH already ranging from 13g to 700g. Hello vendor, can I exchange for a mount?

13g? Really, 13g? That supply will never grow once Brewfest is gone. They will go up in value. Not for the stats, and they aren't going to be selling for the thousands that they once sometimes did. The stats are outdated now. There's not so much demand anymore for a BoE 226. But for a giant mug that you can hit people with, that never goes out of style.

So if you see them ridiculously cheap and you have some spare bag space for a few weeks, maybe months, buy them up. Worst case scenario your shaman alts will look badass for a couple levels.


Leah said...

13 gold???? damn thing vendors for almost 20 O_o not that I vendored mine, like you I figured I might as well spec enhance on my other shammy at some point, but hmm, I guess I'll just keep them around for a while, see what they do with brewfest in cata. worst case scenario - I'll just vendor or DE them :P

KiwiRed said...

Official weapon of dwarven shamans!

(WTB something that turns dwarven totems into kegs though...)

Glyph, the Architect said...

This is why I kept my 25 man t7. It looks like fancy dress clothes with knives built in. RP servers rule.

Zahraah said...

I managed to sell one for 84 gold, but I have 2 more I'm holding on to :)

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