Tech News Focus: Amish Social Networking

| Friday, September 24, 2010
When a trend sweeps the world, no one is left out, not even the Amish. They're really not so different from you and I, with many of the same concerns, troubles, and need to share really pointless information with people we know. But enough intro, let's get to the fun stuff: the technology!

We're all used to Twitter and its 140 character limit. But the Amish have jumped ahead of us with an impressive one-page limit. That's right, as many characters (make them tiny to fit more!), even drawings, that you can fit on a page. Amish teens, even adults, have been flocking to the popular service Letter, which allows users write, draw, or scribble anything they want on a piece of paper and then by adding it to a paper-thin 'envelope' and a CPU-sized 'stamp', send it anywhere in the world. Wow!

But as we all know, we can't tweet our entire identities. Fortunately we have Facebook. Not to be left out of the trend, Amish teens have adopted the compact technology Book which effectively binds together a collections of Letter messages, know as Lits, which can then be traded around and written in. However the most common usage is by the major publishing companies who are using Book as a medium to sell and share stories and ideas around the world, even beyond the Amish community. In fact, I picked up several Books just the other day.

Ever innovative, they've even created a low-cost alternative to camera phones with a bundle of services known as Shouting, Long-Term Memory, and Descriptive Skills. It has even been suggested that extensive use of the LTM and DS services can improve test scores and life outcomes.

I was unable to reach any Amish for comment due to range and connection difficulties with my end of the Shouting service.


Anonymous said...

Those are clearly fads. Nobody will remember about LTM or DS in a couple years.

More importantly, do those Letters and Books support l33t sp33k ? Because you need it to, you know, talk and stuff. lol.

Unknown said...

Sorry to say, but I'm not a fan of this one. Yes, it is sort of funny in a way, but mostly you are making fun of someone's culture.

Thumbs down on this one...

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it's not the Amish he's poking fun at.

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