Fun Relativity Theory

| Tuesday, September 21, 2010
I wanted to highlight this excellent and relevant post over at Bio Break: Yes, they are better. Or not. Does it matter?

The last couple weeks I was considering 'better' in terms of mechanics and reached the conclusion that for all but the most extreme cases, there are not good or bad mechanics. Instead there are mechanics which fit a player or not. So better and worse are individual cases, not broad, community-wide truths.


Anonymous said...

It's still applicable on a population level. If most people respond poorly to a mechanic, then for that community, it's a bad mechanic, one that doesn't fit the players in question. Height is also an individual thing; and a community might be characterized as short or tall. Health is personal. I as an individual get sick or injured but it also makes sense to talk about degrees of community health. Generalized to all people, we end up with average human heights and rates of disease that in turn inform our judgments about whether a particular person, as a person, is tall or short or healthy or sick. Likewise, when we generalize to all players, Malygos sucks.

Of course none of that means that there is homogeneity among a community. That I am tall and healthy does not mean everybody is. That I find a mechanic fun and engaging does not mean everybody does or should. The general fact of the matter doesn't mean it's impossible for a freak to enjoy Malygos.

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