Alts? Leveling? Raiding.

| Tuesday, September 7, 2010
A few friends and I decided to get together for a trial run of being in a guild together, to see if we still hate each other. So we rolled up our alts. Then I rerolled because hunters are dumb and we needed tail. Literally. Don't ask. And so was headed off to Elwynn to complete the attunement. Teamwork. That's what it's about.

Well let's just say we one-shotted Hogger.

Clearly we are destined for greatness.

Along the way we ran into Mykaljaxxon. He whispered me, asking, "lvling guild? alts??" I of course responded with, "raiding guild." Then we killed a gnoll and I hit level 10.


He said his main was a holy paladin. I had to let him down and inform him that we were full on paladins. He seemed to understand.

Goldshire was under attack.


Treats said...



Was a fun night.

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