Gnomes and Goblins are perverts

| Saturday, September 18, 2010
From the 15th to writing this post, the highest viewed post is my note to Larisa.  Very close with second and third were Does "Blizzard need to hire perverts for their fan art section?" and "Naked Draenei in Blizzard Fan Art."

The days those went up had unusually high hit counts.

My two biggest sources? Pink Pigtail Inn and Greedy Goblin. Clear proof that people with short avatars have perverted reader bases.

So let me send you all a message: We, the trollish readers and writers, do not want your corrupt, perverse agenda taking over our decent space. I don't know if Pink is actually a veiled Communist code word or what the 'goblin' is greedy for, but whatever it is, it has no place here.

This is a space for good, wholesome fun. We have values. Real, old time, small town values. That means unquestioning valuing and worship of nostalgia, family values, and plate bikinis, just as God intended.


Frostys said...

Gevlon gave us the gold, wich we used to pay ourself some beer at Larissa's inn. We got drunk and were then really interested in naked dranei...

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