Announcing: Reasonable Post Day

| Thursday, September 30, 2010
Back when I encouraged Whiny Post Day I found a particularly biting response: Having a Whiny Post Day among bloggers is like having a Fly Aircraft In The Sky Day among airline pilots. Point taken.

So this time I hope that we can all join in a Reasonable Post Day. On this day, by this day I mean that day, referring to the day known as Reasonable Post Day, I will attempt to write a reasonable post. This will be a huge challenge, but I might be able to write a reasonable post. Maybe. It's the effort that counts. So join me in this effort and for one day we might be reasonable. Reasonably so.

October 30th, before Halloween, let's all be reasonable. That's one month from now, not counting variation due to time zones and posting time. Note that a month is not a standardized unit of measurement, but strangely enough, it varies depending on the month. So when I say one month from now, I am using now to refer to September 30th, implying a date a non-standard month later of October 30th, which is supported by my earlier reference to that date.

Non-coincidentally, this corresponds with the day that a comedian is holding a rally to restore sanity while another comedian who used to work for him holds a counter-rally to keep fear alive. One could infer from this situation that in fact all sanity and reasonableness has been lost. I cannot assist in the sanity, but perhaps the reason, which is why I encourage all of you to for once, write something reasonable.

P.S. Thank you commenters who can tell the difference between 30 and 10. Your contributions have been noted and integrated.


Anonymous said...

In a totally reasonable and non-whiny way, I think you mean October 30th.

Dwism said...

You mean Okt 30th right?
Or is that just a ploy to support Colbert?

Dwism said...

Dammit, my attempts at fact-checking where once again spoiled by anon. Is it just me, or is that guy like posting EVERYWHERE?

Tesh said...

So, since taking a stance on anything is asking for trouble on the internet, we're looking forward to a rather bland day of blogging. I expect a lot of Twitter-like status updates.

Anonymous said...

In all fairness, it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek observation that a lot of blogging is whiny by nature, because that's usually what makes for interesting and compelling diatribes.

Being a blogger myself, it's also a slightly self-referential critique, and certainly not meant to be taken seriously to heart by anyone.

If we can't laugh at ourselves, then what can we do?

Well, there's always whining I suppose...

Syl said...

"I will attempt to write a reasonable post"


and what's the point in unwhiny posts anyway - as long as we haven't reached the ultimate state of bliss on this planet, it is our holy duty to moan and criticize, self-complacency only leads to decay etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to how much drama all these reasonable posts are going to generate :D

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