Americans, it's time we started showing it

| Monday, September 6, 2010
The Europeans are loud and obnoxious and obvious. We can't have that. Oh no. That's our modus operandi. Which we can no longer say because it's time we dropped the French words and started talkin right! They've got a mafia! It's time for the American militia, just like our English-born Founding Fathers intended.

The first step is to take those foreigners down a notch. Point out that they ruin everything, including words. Call them losers.

Return to God.

America. Fuck yea.


Syl said...

I haven't read any of that post, but I made this picture for you:


caerphoto said...

I'm looking at my keyboard and I can't see an extra U key. There's a thing for making € symbols (altgr + 4) and of course £ ones (shift + 2), but that's about it as far as differences in functionality between British and American keyboards. Some of the symbol keys are in different places but that's about it. At least it's not like French keyboards where even the letters are in different places.

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