The most obscure quest in the game

| Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Taunting donkeys.
Donkeys with a taunt.
Plagued wildlife.

Are you confused yet? Are you wondering what the hell I am talking about? Do I make no sense at all? Excellent, I've been trying for a more consistent writing style.

I was reminded of this by Syl's post about a shoe shiner in Dalaran. Tip: be nice to him or he might kill you. "Now go home and get your fuckin' shinebox."

I only discovered this quest a month or so ago. By chance really.

Here's how it works: at Light's Hope Chapel there's a dwarf who leads a donkey train to another Argent Dawn camp, south of Plaguewood. He goes down and along that long scar. But here's the catch: there isn't a quest.

He just shows up at Light's Hope with his donkeys and immediately gets zerg rushed by a dozen Scourge and animals. Fight them off, save the donkeys and he'll rest up and head out again. Don't save them and he cries a bit. No quest to save the donkeys.

If you do save them, he eventually heads out. The donkeys appear to have some sort of pulsing, very long range AoE taunt. I'm talking 40-50 yards at least. Your screen with draw a mob and by then it's already running toward the donkeys.

Save the donkeys, which is trivial at 80. Earlier it wouldn't have been too hard even, but a bit rushed. Also, there's no quest to escort him.

Finally they get to camp and the dwarf gives you a quest. Yes, you get the quest after the hard part. Take the quest, wait ten minutes for someone to show up to sign the papers, and turn them in for your choice of an old currency.

The actual quest only shows up under very specific circumstances far away from the quest hub and inn, not even near a quest target.

Do you have a more obscure quest? Class-specific excluded.


LarĂ­sa said...

Wow! I'd never heard of that, but then I've spent sadly little time in those areas. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

Had no idea this existed. I might actually go try and do it.

Syl said...

Haha that sounds great, never heard of it either!
you should have really included this for the upcoming blog-azeroth shared topics collection (oct 11th-17th), it's quite a secret I'd say! :)

Hyacintha said...

There's the one in Southshore that's started by an item dropped by stealthed assassins that spawn (according to who you ask): on a long timer/when someone completes a certain quest/completely randomly. It's even more frustrating because if you don't manage to complete the quest you're left without any resolution to the Syndicate chain. If it weren't for Everyquest I wouldn't have known this quest existed (and probably would have been a happier person).

Klepsacovic said...

@Larisa: Hurry!

@Nikola: It's worth it if only for the gimmick of bats flying in from every direction.

@Syl: Is that another one of those things that everyone else knows about but me? I can't keep up with all that stuff, I have useless information to find!

@Hyacintha: I uh. I think you might have me beat. Wow.

Leah said...

not sure how obscure it is, but in Nagrand, there's a similar quest at nessingwary camp. only seen it once and never again :(. you have to defend one of the guys from being attacked (by all the animals you've been killing for those guys if I remember correctly) and after you do, he gives you a short quest, hmmm I really should try and find it on wowhead :P

Helver said...

The quest Leah is referring to is called "I'm Saved!" -

I've only completed it on one of my characters as well... The quest giver is a female gnome that apparently moseys to the Nesingwary camp from the Zangar border. When she gets there, a Forsaken Rogue attacks her. If she dies, no quest appears. If she lives, she has a quest available until she despawns. Without help, I think her chance of living is very low. With help, she's pretty much guaranteed to live.

Syl said...

LOL I thought I was the noob know about this forum, right? :D
the suggested topics there are presented over at every week.

your topic would've been just perfect for my suggestion, scheduled for mid-October. and "useless" was especially encouraged! ;)

Kara said...

I always wondered if there was a quest tied to that guy...

Anonymous said...

"Horrors of Pollution" in Netherstorm.

Back in TBC I was levelling my Moonkin and desperately wanted some hit rating trinket. Found the quest on WoWhead. It starts from an item dropped by a mob near Manaforge Ultris. Trick is, no one really knows the conditions under which that mob spawns and I was flying around there many times, trying to camp place for 2 hours, later levelling alts out there, and in WotLK grinding Consortium reputation quests, and never ever met that elusive slime...

Also in the same place you get one of these quests "save the guy then he gives quest", you need to save one of the "good guys" thrown against gladiators and assassins of the "bad guys". The very same pattern repeats in Borean Tundra on Riplash Strand, a Tuskarr is thrown against a Naga by the Kvaldir who enjoy watching the deathmatch, kill the Naga to get thank-you quest from the Tuskarr. Oh, and one more of "save the guy first" quests - blue dragon whelp Awbee in UBRS.

The "Ship Schedule" from Tanaris Pirates' lockboxes is pretty rare as well. There's also some kind of that in STV... was it Cortello's Riddle or something.

Oh, and the world-drop pendant of Myzrael. It's totally optional and skippable introduction to the Myzrael questline which you can just pick at her crystal in Arathi without the necklace leading you to it, it's a nice surprise when I got this necklace on some alt, but woe upon those who actively plan to grind for it, for loremaster or completionist purposes.

Klepsacovic said...

@Leah: That's new to me!

@Syl: I've been to it, but I guess I got bored and never kept up.

@Anonymous: I must be lucky, I always wandered across the Netherstorm one and the Naga-Kvaldir fight. Awbee I think I always did because I ran UBRS a lot and was always looking around.

But I never did solve Cortello's Riddle. I should give it a serious attempt one of these days.

Anonymous said...

There's the guy at the rebel camp in Stranglethorn. One of the camp guards, but he's named. He stands around the fire for ages. Eventually he appears to walk away to go on patrol. He walks down the road quite a ways, then heads left off the road a little bit. Eventually 2 Kurzen guys appear and attack him. If you save the guy, he gives you a quest. If you don't, he dies.

Another really obscure one is in the Draenai starter zone. This one is tricky, and can ONLY be completed by a Draenai because it requires the use of the Gift of the Naaru racial. Randomly roaming around in the wilderness of Azuremyst are these Draenai younglings. I have seen both male and female. They wander around. If they aggro a mob (I think it has to be an aggro mob, not a yellow/passive mob), they will start attacking it. Don't do anything yet! Wait, and eventually the youngling will freak out and ask for help. Don't attack the mob!! Instead, cast Gift of the Naaru on the youngling. The youngling will eventually kill the mob and give you a quest.

Zahraah said...

oh so thats what they were.. I thought they kind looked like camels.. I tried to rescue the last one after me doing some retro questing in the area for rep, and spent too long looking at these strange creatures to save them.

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