Who is smuggling the cheese?

| Saturday, April 10, 2010
As my rogue pickpockets LBRS for heavy junkboxes, I find a lot of cheese. Alterac Swiss, to be specific. This raises an important question: Who is smuggling the cheese from Alterac to the Old Horde in Blackrock Spire?

This indicates a fairly long supply chain, stretching across multiple Alliance-controlled areas.

Also who is making the cheese? I imagine the ogres are not. That leaves the Syndicate. This makes sense, since this fallen kingdom of Alterac had previously betrayed the Alliance by helping the Old Horde.

The picture is becoming clearer. There is a Syndicate operation stretching from Alterac at least as far as Blackrock Spire. This is a major security risk. I suggest that the Alliance look into this immediately. If this underground network were to interact with the Defias, there could be a hostile force stretching across their continent.


Joar said...

And we would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling trolls and your dog!

Sven said...

How do you smuggle cheese? Caerphilly!

Anonymous said...

Someone moved my cheese! I don't recall a cheese factory in Alterac.. and surely it would be too cold to have cows.. or maybe its Ram cheese. EW!

Rohan said...

I believe the Alliance is already on this.

Clearly, uncovering this conspiracy is a top priority, and the SI:7 has put one of their best agents in the game: Elling Trias, Master of Cheese.

Klepsacovic said...

@joar: qq moar, nub villains.

@Sven: puns might be added to my "trolls get deleted" policy.

@pugnacious: om nom

@Rohan: on it, or BEHIND IT!

James Gittins said...

I think they steal the cheese from the Alliance in Redridge Mountains. I've definitely seen blackrock orc raiding parties there hanging around with cheeseless crackers.

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