Happy Socialism Day

| Thursday, April 15, 2010
If you're an American, this is tax day. If you're not, this is... a day? I prefer to call it socialism day. Oh yes, we are indeed living in a socialist state. States. What are we? Why the hell do we have to be united states but still one... state?

Nah, it's not Obama. Not Bush. Not Clinton or Bush or Reagan or Carter or... Ford? Not Nixon either. Nope. Not even Roosevelt started it. Not the New Deal one or the national parks one.

It is the oldest form of socialism: armies. Government-run programs, usually with mandatory taxation, sometimes with mandatory service, to provide universal defense. They take orders from government, are paid according to the government, even receive health care from government. Private industry is involved, but it must still meet government regulations and uses taxpayer money.

I am happy to have a socialist military protecting me. I'm happy to pay the taxes which convince people to join it. This doesn't mean I like taxes, no more than I like getting shots, but I like the protection and am willing to pay the price. Just don't get too happy with that needle.

For a dissenting opinion on socialism, see the Australian Tea Party. Welfare epics are coming!

What in the hell did this have to do with WoW?


James Gittins said...

As a European I can never tell when Americans are joking or being serious about politics.

If you showed Glenn Beck to the average Brit they would probably think it was a satire.

Klepsacovic said...

If they're being absurd and sound happy, it's probably humor. If they're being absurd and sound angry, they're probably serious.

In this particular case, I'm doing both, since I see no conflict between humor and seriousness.

SlikRX said...

As usual, I agree with your sentiment 100%, but not necessarily the nomenclature... Since even the most authoritarian, anti communist & anti socialist governments have had armies. (Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia?)

I would love to be satirical about politics, but like many americans,I'm just too angry and frustrated. Kudos to Klep for doing so.

As a followup to the absurd/happy coment; Be wary of ANYONE that is happy and serious when they are discussing politics. They are dangerous.

Klepsacovic said...

I am not dangerous! >.>
No but really, I'm not. I value the stability granted by government rolling over like clockwork, as opposed to some places where they kill their leaders when they don't like them. Violent politics ruin everything.

Anti-communist/socialist tends to be a name, not a reflection of policy. Though I can see the exception for thug regimes in which the army is not for national defense, but for personal protection.

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