I hate Hickory Pipes

| Friday, April 23, 2010
Hickory Pipe: 15.5s per stack of five.
Heavy Junkbox
: Needed for Ravenholdt rep.

These are both able to be pickpocketed from Scarlet Crusade mobs in the Plaguelands.

They use the same loot sound. So there I go picking along and getting a little bit of excitement from that sound, since in LBRS it is a unique indicator that I've picked what I wanted. But most of the time it's vendor trash.

Damn you, hickory pipes. Damn you, Scarlet Crusade.

I should have stuck with the trolls.


Gevlon said...

Why do you need Ravenhold rep?

Klepsacovic said...

It's one for a few exalted reputations needed for the achievement insane in the membrane, granting the title "the Insane.". It's completely worthless by itself.

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