I don't like the DK blood tree

| Thursday, April 8, 2010
This would seem to be a big problem, since I like tanking. But I do have some bits of hope.

From GC on the tanking forums
We just think the current Frost dps tree is cooler than the current Blood dps tree. It's subjective, I realize.

That's kind of what I was saying. The Frost tree mostly works, so let's not reinvent it. The Blood tree needs a lot of work, and in the meantime DKs have some tanking problems, so let's fill up a tree that needs new talents with talents needed by tanks.

I interpret this as more or less "Blood is going to change a lot." That means that even if I hate blood now, that isn't guaranteed to be the case come Cataclysm. I mean, I used to love enhancement and now I hate it, so clearly Blizzard can go in at least one direction. Er. That was supposed to sound hopeful.

Hope! Change! Disease and pestilence!


Sven said...

I like blood as it is now (both for tanking and DPS). Don't change it please, Blizz. Waaaaaaaa!

caerphoto said...

I have an irrational dislike of Blood, even though I've not played it. My DK is dual spec DW frost tank and unholy DPS, and I kinda like it that way.

Maybe I should make another DK and spec him blood just to see what it's like...

Dorgol said...

I tanked from 60 to 80 as Unholy. Loved it.

Two heroics later I had to switch out of Unholy because it couldn't keep mobs on me in the high DPS world. :(

Frost is fun and has its moments. Blood I haven't really ever tried.

But Unholy is where I find the most fun. I was hoping I would get to go back to Unholy tanking in the future. :(

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoy the blood tree for tanking. I think it is because I am not the most social of people though and like to be more self reliant. No other dk tank tree can lose a healer and 2 dps in the first 20% of a heroic boss fight from them standing in fires and still get the boss down without a worry. Blood's survival rate is just off the charts in these type of situations and is probably why I love the spec.

With that said I have tried out a frost dual wield spec and it was fun for a while, but I didn't enjoy the whack a mole feeling of the spec. Even with glyph of disease to try and smooth the rotation out it just seemed like you were always watching buffs/procs from mods on your screen to figure out what to hit next instead of paying attention to what is going on around you.

I haven't tried unholy yet mainly because I played a hunter for 3 years when WOW first came out and I don't want to just be a melee pet user.

Klepsacovic said...

@Sven: Good point, the ones who should really be nervous are the people who like blood!

@Andy: It's like an arms warrior with a lot of self-healing. And a rotation that easily gets ruined.

@Dorgol: GC did leave open the option of being totally overgeared.

@kamiken1: I'd not say self-reliance is anti-social. It's more like common sense in a dangerous world.

Dwism said...

D'you know what it also says: GC "we really could care less about how you like to play, or how we want the classes to be, this is the easiest way to pick the specc; by taking the one that would require work for us, and removing it."

Thank you. Glad to here that 'lazy' is part of Blizzards game-philosophy these days. No no, really, super!

I am a huge lover of frost dps and blood tanking, so the deciscion to make blood the tanking tree and frost the dps tree, is fine by me, if only they hadn't picked it because "well, i dunno it seemed to be the easiest way out".

Klepsacovic said...

@DWism: I'm usually not a fan of the phrase "if it ain't broken, don't fix it", since generally it is said by people who are incapable of seeing that changes should be made before something is broken rather than only after.

But in the case of frost, it worked as a DW DPS tree. To me, blood wasn't so good as a DPS tree; it felt wrong, only opinion of course. Describing it as lazy is a bit of a value judgement. I prefer to think of it as efficient. Or in other words: the less time they spend remaking three DK trees (rather than just one), the more time they have to spend buffing paladins. :P

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