The good kind of apathy

| Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Yesterday I joined a half-PUG half-guild ICC10 run. First wing was no problem, aside from a slight trouble on Deathwhisper while protecting the quest add. The poor abomination bosses of Festergut and Rotface died easily as well. Then we didn't kill anything else, though we nearly got Dreamwalker up.

I didn't care about the run much. I don't know what loot drops in 10 man. I don't care much about badges. I have all the rep. I was hoping to get some souls for my Shadow's Edge, but I approached that as I would any extremely long grind: don't expect to get anywhere fast.

In other words, I had no incentive to go. No external incentive. I was there only because I thought the experience itself would be fun, regardless of any reward.

I had a blast. I hit things with my axe. I hit more things with my axe. I fired a cannon a bunch at an Alliance ship. I threw a bomb at Putricide. What more could a person want? Oh... oh yes, it turns out repeatedly failing at Dreamwalker means fighting lots and lots of adds, which all give souls. I went from 100/1000 at the start of the run to 313 at the end.

The last couple days I've been running some randoms with a friend. I guess the badges are good, but it's more interesting to just play and enjoy what I'm doing. I switched to blood from frustration at having only one 1h that wasn't fast; DW frost with fast weapons is bad. It's new, much less to press, but I'm a bit disoriented by the different rune patterns and cycles.

I've often been quick to blame Blizzard for loot hamster wheels and pressuring players to do content they don't want to do, just for the loot. I still think I'm right, that Blizzard shouldn't push gear as much and throw it like candy at a parade. But as players, we're still responsible for our own play, for choosing to do what we enjoy. If we're not having fun, we're doing something wrong.


LarĂ­sa said...

Cheers! My cunning plan to make you blog about this worked out!

Not that I agree with you. I'm far more gloomy about this. But we won't know how it will turn out yet for a while, will we?

I think my reactions to this basically are much about gut-feeling and personal worries in the line of "what will happen to me" and "what if my guild won't be one that makes it through this cataclysm?" It's an emo thing but I just hate the idea of possibly going homeless. This isn't about if I want to raid 10 or 25 man. That doesn't matter THAT much to me. It's about the threat to all 25 man guilds. We might get stuck or wiped out because everone isn't on the same line. Realistically. And if that happens I'm not certain I'll be able to reload the batteries and start all over again to find a place I could call home. I might very well call it.

I suppose I think to much, worry too much. I try to direct my thoughts elsewhere, like how to play a ghoul... But it's hard when you're in a gloomy mood.
Hopefully I'll get over it, it's just a phase.

Call it qq if you want to, I don't care. I AM sad. So I suppose it's the correct label.

Klepsacovic said...

Did you mean to put this comment in the other post? It makes more sense there. This post wasn't written in direct response to the raid changes, though some of the ideas carry over.

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