Dear Tamarind, Tobold, and other Europeans

| Sunday, April 4, 2010
I hate you so very much.


Because of you're too good for a simple alphabet of um...1234567890
36 letters.

Oh no, you need your fancy things that go on letters. The things that look like tildes and dots and you even have weird letters that make no sense. Except for the double s thing that looks kinda like a B, which is awesome.

To appease you, Blizzard allows special characters. That results in not just a dozen DKs named Artha§, but also names which are really hard to whisper. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can /who part of it and get them that way.

Europe makes it harder to send whispers and that infuriates me. In light of this, I am boycotting Europe and will be renaming everything Europe-related with "freedom." I will make an exception for English, but will be replacing all foreign-looking words.

Thank [freedom] very [freedom][freedom] [freedom] a [freedom] [freedom].
[Freedom]! Why is everything [freedomed]!? Is every [freedom] [freedom] foreign? [freedom] [freedom] annoying. I'd [freedom] up, but that's for the [freedom].
Fuck? Oh [freedom], at least I can [freedom] [freedom].


Anonymous said...

I rèàlly dòn't ùndérstànd whàt yòù'ré gçing çn àb°ùt.

Stabs said...

I'm pretty sure those dots are needed for Heavy Metal to exist.

Klepsacovic said...

@thenoisyrogue: SEE!?

@Stabs: All the more reason to burn them. BURNNNNNNN.
*throws horns*

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm wrong but most of the "non regular" letters i see on my server comes from Scandinavian countries, most interesting detail is that they even started to use letter Đ in their names which is common i south Slavic languages. And your name dear sir definitely comes from these parts of world.

Klepsacovic said...

I assure you, my name comes from no country. It is a nonsense name, imaginary, made-up. Sometimes people think I'm Serbian. I most definitely am not.

Anonymous said...

And from reading his blog, I _believe_ that Tamarind is British, so no dodgy characters for him.

SlikRX said...

Alas, I don't have an umlaut buffed keyboard, so I know how frustrating it is to try to contact people, add them to f/l and on & on.

It would be a *bit* easier if Blizz would at least let us select/cut/paste the names of folks from raid lists & such. But NOOOOOoooo..


Klepsacovic said...

@anonymous: Untrue. British keyboards have an extra U key on them.

@SlikRX: Blizzard eliminated umlaut buffs after switching to a philosophy of "bring the keyboard, not the language".

MomentEye said...

Where does one find decent Tamarind these days, anyway?

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