I swear it's just irony

| Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Pugnacious is famous. You know, for a woman.

How does one respond to this? A nice person might say "Grats!" or "That sounded great." But what about an attention whore?

"I am offended at the sexism."

Not good enough. It needs some irony, some twist to catch the reader. Yes, my comments require this much thought. What I lack in everything else I try to make up for with obsession for details. Quick plug: Baggins; I use this to customize my bags a dozen dozen different ways, because dammit, I do NOT want something in the wrong bag.

"I am offended at the sexism. Shouldn't she be in the kitchen?"

Nah. Not really funny. No pizzaz. No zip or zing or unexpected.

Has faux sexism become cliched? No. Critical word being: become.

Well sure, delivery would help, and careful audience selection, and applying more than zero creativity. But the glory days of ironic sexism on the intertubes have certainly passed us by, if they were ever here. The link isn't intended to be an example of ironic sexism, but the opposite. Okay real reason: I like my posts more if they have xkcd links.

Despite being an 'impulse post', which tend to be faster to write, this is taking forever. By now I'm certain that my original sexist response isn't the one I put here, it was somehow less stupid and more funny, but I cannot imagine what it was. Perhaps it did not exist at all. Perhaps there was only the brief moment of blindness to the innate lack of humor in a trivial expression of uncountable years of oppression or worse.

Aha! It was a lame "but I'd never get plugged on that." No. That was the second attempt. I threw that out because I don't think I write the sort of posts that can be anything outside this spherical bubble of blogs, so I can't even joke that it's due to sexism.

Trolls are just bad at telling jokes.


Anonymous said...

That's not famous - and I am trying to find someting to tag on on your 'mock' so I can write a spectualar retort - be happy that someone found someting I wrote 'intesting' see what did there.

Anonymous said...

My typing is exceptionally bad today..

Klepsacovic said...

I don't have women reading my blog on camera now, do I?

Yes, yes it is. I'm not sure what you just tried to say. Reminds me of a reply I gave in a PUG once: "Whatever you just tried to say was wrong."

What's my mock?

Anonymous said...

wasn't sure if you mocking me for having my post read on a show :P
or that it was a womens show.
and what I meant to type was "something I wrote 'interesting'. See what did there ( in reference to your interesting post) by having to explain in jokes means they lose their amusement. Bad typing was boss behind me - was sneaking letters in at random - and become too random

caerphoto said...

Re-plug for Baggins: it's a rather nice addon which I only started using yesterday. It basically does automatically what I used to do manually.

Klepsacovic said...

Not mocking, I thought it was cool. I suppose my one word response seemed rather unexcited.

Baggins can do automatic sorting, but I prefer to give it a lot of custom categories.

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