Did you know there are birds in Old Kingdom?

| Friday, April 30, 2010
They appear to be ghost birds of some sort; translucent and blue.

My rogue just had a failed PUG in there, and I decided to look at the scenery a bit. It's quite an amazing zone. Visually, and by story. It's tells of the Nerubians, how they fled the Scourge by digging, and went too deep. The faceless ones are down there.

It looks great, the story is familiar but new: a three way war between Scourge, Old Gods, and Nerubians. But I don't like it very much. I don't know why not. The pulls aren't especially hard. I actually enjoy the spell flingers, a chance to put my silencing shield throw to good use. I love the last boss; the insanity mechanic is awesome.

Why don't I like Ahn'Kahet?


Shintar said...

No, I didn't know that actually. Where are they? I'll want to keep an eye out next time I go there. :)

Klepsacovic said...

From the entrance at least, they fly around the top of the instance.

Copernicus said...

A:OK is my least favorite instance because it's one that requires a bit more finesse, but people insist on doing microsurgery with a chainsaw.

Seeing people die to spell flingers at the entrance, and flamestrike down below just makes me shake my head, because I know there is an easier way. People just refuse to do it, and the few times you do see something get sapped, sheeped or repented, everyone else just breaks it using their AoE.

If everyone would just slow down, focus fire and use crowd control, that instance would go so much smoother.

Anonymous said...

they aren't moths? - im curious now.. and I bet I don't get old kindom for a week now.

Klepsacovic said...

I felt like they were far away, but I could look again, move around a bit to get a sense of distance and perspective.

Copernicus, I know what you mean. People seem to confuse easy with unthinking and quick with hasty. It pains me to see a caster standing 15 yards away nuking a healer because no one could even spare a couple seconds to go over and kick it and at least bring it into the AoE.

Archangel said...

Because fighting your way through an ancient, deep buried tomb filled with bugs and insects, it's not very....

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