| Friday, April 30, 2010
30 days has September,
April June, (is it June? I can't remember)
And November

All the rest have 31

Except for February because it's weird.

I messed up another post schedule, if you noticed a ghost post in feeds or blogrolls. This happens now and then. Of course the easy solution is to just post whenever I write something. Trust me, it's better this way. If I made a habit of posting the moment I thought of something, I'd never shut up. I'm one of those people, the ones who just keep talking because their own ideas are so fascinating to themselves and everything you say reminds them of something else they were thinking. That might be a character flaw, or untreatable mental disease.


Lupus said...

Let me introduce you to someone you share that particulare 'character aspect' with: http://direhuman.blogspot.com/

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