I'm supposed to be writing about the 10-25 split and the death of 25, yes?

| Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Some call for gloom and doom. Some predict a glorious future. I have my thoughts. You want them I bet. You are reading this after all. Surely you don't read this just for the font choice and background template.

Well too bad.

Go read what has been written before. My opinion is there somewhere. The opinion of someone else. We're sharing. What difference does it make if I say it here, comment it there, or sit here with a smug grin, sure that I am right and those other people are wrong and everything will be as I say?

I have nothing to add that I haven't already added, somewhere. I probably had nothing to add then either. Go read Spinks, Larisa, Tobold, and Tamarind; do a Google search for "death of 25 man raiding" or "savior of 10 man raiding".

Times like this I wonder why we make so many posts and tend to all say the same thing. Are we so important that we deserve our post? And who are the cocky fucktards who think they're being snowflakes and flowers by not writing about it and then saying they aren't? Just say nothing and let us ignore your self-righteous silence.


Iapetes said...


Keredria said...

Haha, this is why I love you Klep.

Larísa said...

My blogging is mostly therapeutic. I wrote my post on this very, very quickly, think I was one of the first to comment, just to get out all the stuff swirling around in my head asap and spontaneously. I don't give a damned about if every single blogger has his own take on this. There are some bloggers who's opinion I'm more interested in than others. Yep, I'm that much of an elitist. Just because they have awesome brains and I want to know what's happening there. Tobold is one of those. Spinks another. Rohan of course. And Klep... but you're just a slacker, sneaking your thoughts on this into comments instead of making a proper analysis by yourself.

Klepsacovic said...

@Iapetes: Says Mr Greek Name.

@Keredria: Well at least someone appreciates my arrogant, prickish writing.

@Larisa: I made a proper analysis even before writing my post, I just felt that it had far too much overlap to be worth posting as a normal post.

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