Be nice to your healer or the Bloggerman will get you

| Wednesday, April 14, 2010
My hunter died in Nexus. Hunter. Died. Do the math on that.

The DK (take that, Dwism, I will stereotype the shit out of DKs and you can do NOTHING) pulled while the healer was OOM. We wiped. I wasn't quick enough with feign death. Too used to playing the hero and it working. Or bubble-hearthing.

Deekae: you dont drink so what was i sposed to think
Deekae: you Q up for an isntance you should be ready for it
Quenta: when i said DOES ANYONE HAVE WATER that probably means i'm out
Deekae: don't get shitty with me because of your deficiency

At this point someone tries to trade water.

Lighttness: says conjured items only
Deekae: he's a retard, he shuld know that
Lighttness: do u want to try to port out, and buy some and port back in?
Quenta: meh, yea
Folaksamba: true story, peer-reviewed studies have proven that ignorance of random instances mechanics is a sign of mental retardation
Deekae leaves the party

This is when I discover he's on my realm; he sends me a tell.

Deekae: true story: I dont feel like fucking with idiots
Folaksamba: might I suggest deleting? You're bound to always have one in your group
Deekae: you may not
Folaksamba: I just did
Deekae: and I declined
Deekae: i can however leave said group and make the idiot wait for 45 mins for a tank
Folaksamba: we already have one
Folaksamba: he's a bear
Deekae: and you werent even the idiot in question
Folaksamba: well the idiot in question also has tank
Deekae: i know, too bad
Folaksamba: it's inevitable

I don't think he got that I was making fun of him.

The day before warrior tank died on the last boss of Utgarde Keep. The DPS DK not only taunted, he switched into frost presence. I expressed amazement. He laughed.

Last night I dual-specced my hunter, adding survival and tweaking my BM spec to hopefully add some regen. I think Kerrigan is a good name for a Silithid pet.


caerphoto said...

Ohh man when I read of idiot DKs and hunters it just makes me want to play my DK (a tank no less) and hunter more, just to try and redeem the classes in the eyes of, well, everyone.

Perhaps there should be some sort of requirement for being in a good mood before you put yourself in LFD, maybe then things would be more civillised.

Also I'm wanting even more to level a tank from 1 (rather than 55 like I did with my DK) just so I can be a breath of fresh air amongst the (seemingly rampant) awful lowbie tanks.

Anonymous said...

All those bad DK tanks who give us a bad name... Makes me QQ.

It takes more than just switching to frost pres to tank. Most of these new DK tanks have never tanked before and don't understand the basic principles behind it.

My first tank was a DK, it wasn't that hard to learn. I enjoyed it so much I rolled a pally and a bear to see how those played out. DK tanking is EASIER than both of those IMHO. It shows you how hard these 'tards are actually trying.

I'm currently leveling my pally through LFD BC Content as healer/tank. Most DK's I see tanking aren't specced for it at all, some of them do pretty well (squishy). But it goes to show even more that there isn't a true understanding of what a Tank's true purpose is.

LabRat said...

I just recently swapped my offspec from DPS to healer, and the change in perspective has been interesting. Once I got over the conniption fit brought on by mob positioning not only being out of my control but suddenly completely irrelevant to me, that is.

There are an *awful* lot of tanks out there that only notice their healers when they die, if even then. Maybe it's the lack of Righteous Defense that for me at least has built the habit of "always know where the healer is so you can taunt off him when the little red dot shows up on his raid frame".

Actually, it's not even having been the healer for a bit that makes attitudes like the one described amazing to me. Tanks aren't entitled to shit, least of all being able to ignore the rest of the group. It's OUR FUCKING JOB to watch out for the group, if you're not doing that you have failed as a tank no matter how much threat you're holding.

Klepsacovic said...

@Andy: As I play my hunter I'm seeing that the huntard might often just be viewing events differently. He's pulling aggro so he can freeze a mob (I've done this, it helped since the healer had just fallen down Nexus). He's pulling because lock and load is up and as long as the healer has mana and he uses misdirect, there should be no problem.

@Anonymous: You seem to be saying that their poor performance is due to inexperience, but then you say its due to not trying. Both? Neither? I imagine it's that tanking requires a much different perspective than DPS (as does healing) and it takes time to learn that.

@LabRat: Righteous Defense can be 'aimed' at the unruly mob; sometime in BC they changed it to go target-of-target if you cast it on an enemy who isn't attacking you. Still, knowing where the healer is matters for LoS, and that mana stuff.

Unfortuantely I think a lot of tanks have gotten the idea that because tanks are important and in high demand, that the player behind that character is as well. The game needs tanks, it has no need for arrogant dickheads.

LabRat said...

Klep: Oh, I know that. It's just much more convenient for me to use raid frames and target the player rather than the mobs, because it frees me from having to look around for where the stray mob has run off to until it's already running back toward me. Happy pally doesn't move much.

Because obviously, every tankadin everywhere uses RD the same way I do, because it's the BEST way.

Anonymous said...



It's a combination of both. When I first started tanking I was paranoid about losing threat, I jammed every single button I could and managed to hold onto the monsters. These new "kids" just think they can lolfaceroll their way through instances without trying. It takes a bit of responsibility and smarts.

As far as perspective? WoW isn't that hard. It can be boiled down to a couple of quick rules:

Make everything hit you except things that shouldn't hit anyone (IE aggro mobs and don't stand in the F*cking Fire/AOE/backtotheboss)

If people fail at the basic realization of what a tanks job is, I don't have much hope for them in any role.


The only "positive" thing I will say, is I am feeling very comfortable raid healing for my guild when I hit 80. It's not much different healing in the 5 mans right now with all the craptastic tanks!

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