"What are you jebus?"

| Sunday, April 18, 2010
"no, that's my shaman."

I'm not a fan of exploits. It has something to do with my arbitrary and self-inflicted moral sense. What is an exploit? To me, it's something vaguely defined as "not working as intended", which breaks the rules, done intentionally for personal gain.

Finding that the vending machine gives back your money after you buy something, that's lucky for you. Putting the same dollar in over and over for free candy, that's an exploit. Not to mention theft.

Let's get to the damn story.

My 72 hunter was in regular AN for a random. As we got to the second boss I was told to attack and feign. I refused, instead misdirecting the first pull to the tank. Second pull went fine. Third pull was tanked too close, aggroing the boss early and preventing the webbing. We wiped. Someone blamed the DK. I don't know if it was his fault or not.

As we were preparing for the second attempt they insisted that I use the exploit. I again refused and then they all left, leaving me shaking my head.

What's so fucking terrifying about taking an extra minute and some semi-careful pulling? This isn't a random heroic that is run for emblems, or even just the two frost. It's a leveling instance. If you're in a rush, you're doing it wrong. If you want to level fast, don't fucking queue for instances; they're slower than questing, especially when you wipe the group by sucking.

And what the fuck doing not wanting to cheat have to do with being Jesus? Can a person not just make the right choice without it being taken to some stupid extreme? If I was Jesus, I'd probably have sat down to pray for her damned soul, not argued. Or I'd be too busy dying as I ran to Icecrown as part of the worst possible path to Dragonblight. Actually I did do that. It didn't work.

Screenshots or it didn't happen. The conversation, I meant.

And what the fuck is with people not using names? I get that Folaksamba is annoying to type out. How about "Fol"? It's short and retains the weird appearance of the original name.

I swear, my pugs are cursed.

Sometimes I'm tempted to believe Gevlon when he claims 95% of people are worthless idiots. The trend is starting to look like that. So many people who can see nothing beyond their short-sighted "gimme gimme gimme!" It's as if people just don't think. They don't see any problem with breaking the game to slightly hasten their bar-filling. In real life I look at politics and see so many people who just don't seem to think past ideology. I think of my uncle whose eyes stopped working when he was young and think of how he's one of the few people with an excuse for being blind.


Dwism said...

1 out of 5 is selfsih and short sighted. My bet would be, that he is a kid, and will grow up and know better in time. Meanwhile, he did not get the dungeon completed.

Taking that and becoming tempted to believe Gevlons theory of 95% being idiots, may be going a bit far.
1 out of 5 did not play the way you thought was clever. But then again, its not really you I'm having a problem with believing what you where tempted to believe, its the Goblin.
(btw jebus joke: dats sum quick thinkin, funsie^^)

LabRat said...

It wouldn't have worked anyway- the bug has not only been fixed, it's been fixed in such a way that it stomps your face hard if you try it. Unlike the Lich King ledge hotfix, they didn't announce this one.

To play devil's advocate- I agree with you and think you were in the right- I can see more or less where they're coming from. I'm doing a ton of instances leveling my warrior, partly because at the particular level range I'm at and the instances available it actually IS faster than questing, and partly because I need the tanking practice. After the thirtieth run, the experience of the game has most definitely worn a bit thin and I couldn't say for sure that I would say no to a way to, say, skip the gauntlet sections in Gnomeregan where one careless person straying too far to the left can bring about ten pissed off mobs at once down on your head.

That said, it doesn't require a tremendous amount of patience to do Hadronox the right way and he's not even all that big a pain in the tail. And I'm sure as hell sick of people that can't exercise three seconds of foresight and realize that pushing as hard as they can for speed will more likely get a wipe and get everyone a big repair bill than it will save time.



95% is way too big a number- with as many lowbie randoms as I've run lately I can honestly say most of them were fine, if not wonderful- but that 5% sure dominates your experience just because of how aggravating they are.

Kurt said...

The bug has been fixed? When was this, I did it yesterday and it still worked? Also, in the past week, every time I've tried to do it normally, the adds quickly kill Hadronox themselves, so you're faced with the choice to either bug him out or just skip him entirely.

Ngita said...

Which bug labrat?. FD to reset the trash still works fine, personally I have always regarded it as the probably intended way to get the achievement. But if the hunter does not want to do it, its not a big deal just do it normally, keeping a eye on the boss to make sure the trash does not eat him.

But i have been leveling yet another alt over the last few weeks and I haven't had a bad group since nexus(now 78). Mostly I level through running the daily random.

Cassandri said...

Several guildies have commented that I seem to get an amazing number of horrible people in my pugs.

I realised that my pugs are no different than theirs. I just have standards and principles.

People don't like that.

Isa said...

Exploit or not, I think it's a little nuts to do the FD bug on normal AN with level appropriate people. Either they were planning on skipping the boss entirely (in which case you're betting on everyone making it through and down the hole without dying), or killing the boss (in which case you're betting on having the DPS to take him down before too many new adds show up). I know I wouldn't bet on either action working out.

LabRat said...

It's not been? I know a few people who got horribly crushed doing the same exploit with a Crashin' Thrashin' Racer that worked perfectly before, immediately after the latest patch.

Seems odd that they would fix it for the car trash reset, but not a hunter.

Ateve said...

The bug still works, but as mentioned its stupid to try unless you have a really solid group.

I ran it recently with a group that knew enough that the exploit exists, but no one had the DPS to actually kill the bug before getting overrun by the adds.

Strats used when severly overgearing the heroic does not nessessarily work when leveling through normal in greens :P

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