I hope to continue to leech off other people in WoW

| Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Apparently ponies fill people with joy or rage.

I pay the same $15 a month as you. Perhaps less since I started getting the longer subscription. I probably pay more though. My $15 a month gets me more.

Those who play more use more server resources. They often play too much, meaning they burn out on content faster than if they played the same amount but spread out. They down content faster, pushing the devs to produce content faster. They pay the same $15 a month as those who play less. Our content is produced with the money of other players. In effect they, we, are leeching.

This is part of the justification for "I pay the same $15 a month, I should get to see X content." But that's a different topic. Feel free to totally derail this based on one sentence.

I have used a total of two non-subscription services in WoW. They were transfers for my shaman and paladin back during BC. All you who race change and switch servers and buy pets and mounts: you're paying for my content. Especially the pony people. You pay $25 for a horsie and get in return something which costs far less than $25 to produce. That money goes somewhere: to devs who make non-pony content, my content.

Of course I could be completely wrong, and the pony money actually doesn't go to developing anything at all, and is actually doing nothing but distracting investors from investing in my content. But I prefer to live in a fantasy land where corporate takeover doesn't ruin everything.


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