Tomorrow Blizzard will announce shaman tank tree

| Tuesday, April 6, 2010
Today Blizzard reversed their year-plus philosophy of DKs having three trees of tanking and DPS. Tomorrow: Shamans.

You heard it here first!

Tomorrow Blizzard will announce huge changes to enhancement to turn it into a tanking tree. We'll see the return of their shield block talent (5% block chance and increased block value I believe), the buffing of their armor talent, and spirit wolves will be soul-linked to the shaman, making them a powerful aggro and EH cooldown.

I shall rejoice.

And finally level my shaman that last level.

As per the prediction of Iapetes, retribution will become a tanking tree. To retain the DPS capabilities of paladins, shockadins will be buffed.

Lolsmite will become OWsmite. And shadow will be a half-DPS, half-healing spec, used to fix the mathematical problems caused by trying to tune a 25-man raid down to 10 people.

Arcane will become a healing/buffing spec.

Hunters will have no DPS tree. BM will be a pet-tank tree based on buffing their pet and aggro-multiplied misdirect to their pets. Survival will be an avoidance tank based on DoT damage with a semi-useful pet, similar to unholy. Marks will have barely any damage, but absolutely overpowered kiting abilities, and will be used only in WSG to screw up flag runners.


Rades said...

...the funny thing is, I loved the sound of all three of those hunter specs! Haha...

Oxymustard said...

Would be nice if they made it a pure tanking spec so I can dust of enh spec :]

Dali said...

I would love it if shamans had a tanking spec. So much.

Klepsacovic said...

@Rades: Perhaps I should submit an application to Blizzard.

@Oxymustard: I was going to watch that, but while it was loading I read the comment and remembered that I hate people who comment on youtube.

@Dali: Back in the day we even had +aggro on one of our weapon buffs. Good times.

We Fly Spitfires said...

Y'know, joking aside, I would actually really like to see a tanking tree for the Shaman. I mean, why not? If Druids and Paladins can do all three, so can Shamans!!

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