A Poem of Dead Pirates

| Tuesday, January 20, 2009
Red seas, red cliffs
Hills filled with pirates killed
How many more will settle my score?
A thousand goblins dead for a pirate's hat
How many pirate corpses equal that?

Sword of red courage gives goblins revenge
I pay not my own price, but with other lives twice
The asked for cloth but that's not enough
Too cheap for mats, too generous with deaths
Thousands more before my blade rests

Up the hill another kill
Down the cliff, death from above
Another rocket launched from ornamented gloves
Avenger's shield and another three killed

Round and
Round a merry go
Round of pirate death

With the patch today the pirates outside Rachet now give the full five rep per kill. I can one-shot them over and over, running in an endless circle as they respawn. Already I've gotten about 7k rep out of the 36k that I need for neutral, if I'm remembering correctly.


Rich said...

what's the benefit? a title?

Klepsacovic said...

Goblins will stop attacking me on sight.

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