Those weird alts

| Monday, January 26, 2009
Maybe I am alone in this madness, maybe I am not. Who else has those weird RP alts? I don't mean the female night elf I made to RP in Goldshire with my friend who plays a dwarf and likes to... er, nvm. So.

I mean the alt you make because you're not usually the RP type, but for some reason you just *poof* story. Mine was a night elf hunter. But not just any night elf hunter! Oh no. This is no hippy tree-hugging elf. This one is an engineer. She isn't a hunter as in she has a pet friend. She hunts. With guns. Guns that she makes herself. She's fascinated with technology. She likes to make things go *boom* I suppose in some ways she was subconsciously inspired by Flintlocke.

Of course this isn't to say that I never wanted an elf hunter named Legolas. Let's be honest, who can watch Lord of the Rings and not want one? Or sometimes I rewatch the cinematic and want to make a dwarf hunter with a bear pet.

And of course, who can forget those words?
"Now I play a troll shaman! Ha ha!"
Oh man... pre-nerf windfury.

In unrelated news, Iapetes has started making dumb posts again, so you should check out his blog. No, I did not write this post just to promote him. I am also using this as a place to preemptively say that arenas suck. See now I've reduced his options to simple contradiction and that's hardly an argument. Or is it?


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