Heroic Oculus: done.

| Sunday, January 4, 2009
I finally got a group that could kill the last boss. Yea I know, it's a heroic, who cares? Well I care! After multiple PUGs of constant wipes, I am full of care. My care cup overflows.

It didn't start off too well. Our rogue wasn't the swiftest one around. Somehow telling him to imitate the other bronze drake was too complex. Eventually I decided that despite the potential for an extra enrage, it didn't matter since he couldn't handle an amber drake. I switched him to a red and told him to spam 1 (the chain fire whelp-killer). He complained about me making him switch after he'd already gotten it figured out. I remained quiet since I'm tend to go from patient to insulting, kicking, and ignoring in a short time. I'm either nice or terribly rude and angry, so I decided to stay on the nice side, with some condescending to blow off steam.

Anyway, we used a setup of two greens, two reds, and one bronze. I think it actually worked out well for less damage taken. The reds tore apart the whelps very quickly, with no more than two up at once and for no more than a couple seconds. It seems like the timing is forgiving enough that one amber can handle the enrage. The greens healed well.

For the orbs, we agreed on a strategy of "fly south, not east or west or up or down, south." I changed this to "fly north, not east or west or up or down, south" after we ended up on a different rock. Then we added the "don't stop flying until the orbs are gone" part and then it worked better.

I got lucky and had no competition for the plate DPS gloves. Yay.


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