25 - Plague Wing... lagged

| Tuesday, January 6, 2009
Zul'jin wasn't being nice tonight.

We started out in The Obsidian Sanctum. I was asked to go ret, which I did gladly. We killed the three drakes easily enough, though someone DCed in the process and got hit with a long queue. Then came the boss. This was new to me. The first attempt went terribly, with a lot of people (including me) having no clue of how to avoid the waves. It was so bad that I didn't even have any clue of how I would avoid them. It was confusing. Second attempt went better, not perfect, but good enough to down the boss. I was sure that I'd gotten hit by a wave still, very early on, but somehow I got the achievement. Maybe it was the previous fight and my memory is just that bad. Or WoW is bugged. Both seem likely.

After loot was handed out we headed to Naxxramas and started in the plague wing. Noth the Plaguebringer first attempt was terrible because multiple curses got through. The lag didn't help. Second attempt was a little bit messy and so laggy that we seemed to miss an entire down phase, but he died. Drop were the CS libram (lost to a ret main-spec), some crit/ArP shoulders (arms-main spec), cloth robes (guess if I even tried to roll), and the tanking ring, which I also lost. The last one slightly annoyed me since the person who won it against me was the one that I passed the tanking weapon to last night. But in perspective I rarely make raids, it was a slightly bigger upgrade for him, and really, is it worth causing a fuss over a single ring?

Gothik the Harvester should have tested my dance skills. Instead it tested by ability to not notice a disease on myself. Yea, retnoobing it up. So, I died in early phase one and was nearly useless. Go me. Only loot I found interesting were hit/ArP boots, but I liked my current ones from the Ebon Blade well enough and I felt dumb asking for what I felt was a minor upgrade from a boss I didn't do much on.

Loatheb. Ah... healbot. With all the lag the healers couldn't time their heals properly, so we started losing DPS at around the 2/3 mark and didn't seem to get him under 25%. The raid was called because there's no sense in wiping due to lag.

In other news, things happened in ZG. I learned that due to buggy mechanics Jin'do is ridiculously easy to solo (the MC totem basically heals you to full health and drops debuffs off Jin'do, that's it). I turned in large numbers of rep items, the channeler's heads quest, and the friendly and honored gear quests. That got me around halfway to revered. I might get exalted within the week.

My attempt at Hakkar went well for a while, until he enraged and started hitting for 2.5k. I'll need to figure out some way to deal with that. I really wish boss enrages were proportional attack speed buffs instead of damage buffs, then I could just use them for extra reckoning charges. Since I'm ret, I'll try with that. Maybe the extra damage and instant heals will do the trick. Despite trying at least a dozen hoodoo piles (plus previous runs), I have yet to find a paladin doll. I wonder if they are Alliance-only.


Andrew said...

Must be honest with you, i've had a terrible time with lag lately, i'm having to cancel doing any form of instances as i'm scared that i lag out and can't get a heal off or if i'm tanking, not being able to hold the aggro and the whole group wipes. I'm down to soloing and grinding my life away.

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