Finally soloed Moroes

| Thursday, January 1, 2009
It took a few tries, but he died. It was pretty close and I ended up popping LoH for the last 10% or so. I might have been able to kill him without it, but I figured it was worth it, just to be safe. The adds were shadow priest, ret paladin, prot warrior, holy paladin. If not for the stun reduction in ret I probably would have died. Nerf HoJ, except on my paladin. :) Gear-wise, I feel like I'm right at the edge of what is practical, not relying on procs too much or needing to pop potions. The last time I attempted this my gear was about the same except for a worse neck and I had H VH legs instead of T7.

Keeping with the theme of the past two years, the watch did not drop. The two times I have seen it, it's been a much bigger upgrade for others.

Attumen was close due to a bad choice when resealing.

Maiden was a slow death that I didn't feel like I could do much to prevent. So much damage is holy, so my armor does nothing and BoS isn't giving much regen. This would probably be a lot easier as ret so I could actually hurt her and heal more with instant FoL.

Time for ZG...

Oh right, Happy New Year.


Green Armadillo said...

I do love soloing stuff for fun and challenge on my mage, but, if you're looking to solo old content, there's no subtitute for a determined Pally. :)

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