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| Friday, January 16, 2009
Random boss spawns are annoying. Is this perhaps part of a larger anti-tank conspiracy? There are few tanking trinket from any WotLK instances. I have seen only one drop, a mage wont he roll. My current trinkets are a crafted engineering trinket and some combination of BC trinkets; either defense or BV.

One of the few tanking trinkets is from only regular halls of stone. Now how often is that being run? It might be done now and then for quests, but since there are no badges or particularly interesting gear (aside from a defense trinket), who would go? The other options for defense trinkets are, well let's see:

17 trinkets in all of WoW with defense rating on them. Where are they from?
5 are crafted BoPs, 4 from JC. 1 from a pre-BC quest chain (one of the longest in the game), another from a level 55-60 5-man and is low on stats. Then there are two from raids, one being very well itemized for blocking while the other is for FR tanking and wastes stats on health/5. After this we have a decent bunch from BC: two from quests which are easily soloable at 80 or even at 70. One from an instance boss (probably soloable at 80) and another from an outdoor boss (trivial at 80, though could take a while to get mats to summon). Then we have two from raids. Finally we get to WotLK and find: one from regular HoS and one from regular Naxx.

It's okay though, since we are not having any challenges with maintaining defense while upgrading gear. Oh, we are? Well damn.

But back to the boss, a good blocking trinket drops from a boss in heroic Violet Hold. This instance had 6 random bosses and brings out 2 per run. That means that per run you have about... 2 bosses out of 6... a 1/3 chance to see the boss. This is to see the boss. The trinket is actually about a 29% drop chance, which is pretty high. But, combine these and you end up with a 9.66% chance of the trinket dropping. The other trinket I'm after, essence of gossamer has only a 20% chance of dropping, but the boss is always there.

This is not at all frustrating. Nope. I love random loot, but even better is random loot from random bosses. Woo hoo.

This was the expansion for Blizzard to stop having frustrating crap.


Green Armadillo said...

I don't even need any VH loot anymore, but I'd like to kill the sixth of the random bosses as a matter of principle, because there's an achievement for it. At this point I own something like 8 heroic Cyanogosa kills plus several PUG's that wiped and quit on one of the previous bosses. Still no sign of that Arrakoa boss (though, ironically, he appeared the one time I did the zone at regular difficulty).

Kiryn said...

I think you mean HoL. You know, Loken. My fiance and I ran that place OVER and OVER and OVER to get it, without getting badges or anything. It never ever dropped. He eventually gave up.

...He's wearing the Lavanthor's Talisman and Essence of Gossamer now instead >_>

Klepsacovic said...

Loken may or may not drop the trinket. The odds are that he does not, since Loken does not actually drop anything that anyone wants. Run with no leather and he drops the bracers. Run with no cloth DPS and the cloth drops. Run with no elemental/resto shamans and the belt drops.

The axe does not exist. Regular? I doubt he drops a trinket. I stand by my original post, since I bet that the trinket drops just as often in HoS (never) as it does in HoL (never).

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