Solo baron Geddon

| Saturday, January 31, 2009
Last night I decided I was sick of trying and failing to get MC runs, so I set out to just solo the boss I needed: Baron Geddon.

Spec: Holy. I used pretty much a standard spec, or at least what I think is standard. I'm not too big on holy, so I don't know a whole lot about it.
After I respecced from prot I realized that I probably could have done better with a more customized spec. But it was too late, so that's that. With this different build I'd have done more damage, taken a bit less, and then had to use the more risky taunt to pull rather than sweet 40 yard judgements.

Trash: I skipped everything until Garr's room. At that point I kill two hounds. Then, since behind Garr is the perfect spot, I pulled him. The adds kicked my ass.

Trash Again: Same path to Garr's room. Clear tunnel to Baron (core hound and surger). Pull Baron. Run a little too far and back into a trash pack.

Trash One More Time: Blah blah pull Baron. Die when a core hound respawns on top of me and aggros.

Getting it Right: Reclear the path with the same skipping. Kill the two giants next to the tunnel, but leaving the firelord.

Where: I tanked Baron by the former location of the two giants. At that point I was far enough away that no hounds would aggro. I couldn't move too much, so I just had to eat the fire AoE. Sometimes I'd manage to find a spot on the wall where the bomb didn't throw me up at all, but it was hard to find and I couldn't really spare the concentration.

How to Kill: Keep up JoW, use SoV for DPS and holy shock. If mana is low, switch to SoW. Don't use SotR. It might be really awesome as prot, but wow, it is TERRIBLE as holy. Maybe Rohan can help fix that.

How to Heal: Holy shock tended to crit fairly often and with FR aura the incoming damage wasn't too bad. This meant that instant FoL was my standard heal. If I got too low, holy shock was a quick save. If I got even lower, I'd bring out holy light. Remember sacred shield. I don't think it's as efficient as FoL, but the absorb means you can spend more time on damage rather than chain-casting FoL. Also HS crit -> instant FoL crit is a lot of health for not much mana, so it works out well.

It was a fun fight, though pretty slow, took 25-30 minutes. Near the end I strayed too far and aggroed a core hound. That forced me to do a lot of healing, but by then I was able to throw HoW, so even though I was forced to use HS mostly for healing, my damage didn't drop too much.

No binding and I already have T1 shoulders.


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