| Saturday, January 31, 2009
After healing a heroic Nexus run today I realized something: my sword looked really cool. This was bad. Why? Because the coolest sword I have is Red Sword of Courage. Then I noticed I was still wearing the hunter hat from Ragnaros. Between those two slots I was missing about a third of my spell power and a couple percent crit.

I figured that was post-worthy level of failure. I might as well get out as much as I can.

I often tank heroics while crittable, just so I can wear the previously mentioned hat.
Before I got my unarmed skill up, I often tanked them without a weapon.
I don't know the 6-9 rotation.
I don't remember to use on-use trinkets, so I will avoid them if I can, taking other items with inferior stats. This is best seen on my DK who uses the 'caster' trinket because the melee one has lower crit but a decent on-use, which I would never use. This is also why my priest took the wand instead of the trinket.
My DPS cloak has the parachute tinker instead of a useful enchant.
I have a troll shaman, made back when tauren were the ideal.
I have a troll hunter, rather than an orc.
And my warrior, is again, a troll, rather than tauren or orc.
I am still using the HoJ and SoC glyphs, even though I am rarely ret and only slightly more often in PvP.

I carry a Crimson Felt Hat at all times and sometimes tank with it on.

While fighting a druid in TB, he jumped off the edge. To finish him off, I followed and used DS to survive. But I use a DS macro that toggles, so mashing it just turns it off. There went 10% durability and a little bit more dignity.

My guild has declared me Admiral of the Fail Fleet. To go with the title, I am a Bloodsail Admiral and have been unable to safely go near goblin towns for over a year and a half. Oh yes, I destroyed my rep with the faction that controls three towns, filled with quests, for a hat with a parrot inside.

Try to top that.


Iapetes said...

"Try to top that."

I do arenas.

Kiryn said...

I almost never remember to use anything that has a cooldown 2 minutes or longer. Hell, even 30 seconds is pushing it. I'm very bad with healthstones, my herbalism heal, and when I was a draenei, gift of the naaru.

It's the reason why I really don't like healing on my paladin because there are just too many long cooldowns to keep track of.

I usually just macro trinkets and triggered talents (elemental mastery etc) to an ability I use often so at least I'll be using them, because I realized if I tried to wait until the perfect moment to pop my cooldowns, I simply wouldn't remember to at all.

Darraxus said...

I have always been terrible about on use trinkets. Thankfully my two big stam trinkets have procs rather than uses.

Beth said...

^_^ There is nothing wrong with sacrificing practicality to look cool. If there was, I should be shot.

We regularly have folks who forget to take their fishing poles off before a big encounter. You just don't use it enough to remember when it's equipped.

Everyone fails, even the "elite" -- they're just not confident enough to admit it.

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