Snow: The Killer of Groups

| Saturday, January 10, 2009
I like snow. It's beautiful. It makes everything look better.

I don't even mind shoveling that much. It's a bit cold out, but I warm up. The work isn't too bad either.

It's the disruption that I mind. There I am, tanking away, and then, snow stops, time to shovel. This isn't much good for groups.


Kiryn said...

Oh, you have to shovel the snow right when it stops? I live in California, never seen more than a few inches of snow in my life except when I specifically go out looking for it ^_^

I wish it snowed more around here, but that's pretty much impossible. It hasn't snowed in the bay area in decades, and even then it was probably only an inch or so. I'm so jealous! Even if it does disrupt your WoW time.

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