I made a webcomic

| Friday, January 9, 2009
It has been a lesson in failure, perseverance, and against all odds, failing some more.

More seriously though, it's about my paladin and her adventures. More accurately, her made-up adventures since killing an elemental lord with 6 people is harder to write jokes for.
Raid Warning: Ragnaros will make a witty comment soon!
Ragnaros whispers: Nice haircut, did you finally fix the lawnmower?
Kelpsacovic: wtf?
Raganaros: You just got BURNED!
See, it doesn't work well.

The opening scene was originally going to look a lot more... better. Then I ran into one problem after another. WoW Model Viewer was broken. A modified version was less broken, but still broken enough. Recently a new version came out which works fine except for occasional crashes, but that's good enough. But, WoW Map Viewer is broken and I couldn't figure out the fix, so I had to pick between doing nothing and using an alt to take screenshots and hope they worked. I with the latter and well... the results speak for themselves. Since a picture is a thousand words, they're even more talkative than me. I wonder if that make an art museum the epitome of TL;DR.

Ahem. So, the comic ended up a lot simpler than I originally imagined. I suppose it works out for the best. I have a lot of dialogue and it would be a shame if speech bubbles were covering anything worth seeing. It was a learning experience at least.

So, the comics:
Preparations must be made
Unannounced visitors
Run away little girl, run away

I have a few more written and the fifth one is done. I couldn't do the fourth because it got too dark. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them at least a little bit. Feel free to give suggestions on anything that might make them better.


Kiryn said...

The layout on the third one is confusing. It was leading my eyes downward and to the right, and then all of a sudden the next bubble down made no sense, I tried to keep moving down but by then after "just throw it" everything went out the window. I had to read all of them before I could piece together what order I was supposed to have read them in.

Also, what does that second text bubble in that comic say? We are not what? The bottom of the bubble is cut off. Also, maybe it's just my screen but your font doesn't display the letter D very well.

Nice for a first try though, I remember when I tried making a webcomic. It's harder than people might think. I could only keep it up for a couple of weeks before I got totally sick of it. Good luck with yours!

Klepsacovic said...

I knew the layout of the third was a bit weird. Do you think it would work better with the fish part reversed so the bubbles have more space?

As for the text, I'll have to look at it more closely in the future. To fit it on my screen I end up zoomed out a bit. And yea, the font is a little weird. I suppose that's the punishment for being lazy and using the default.

Thanks for the comments, I liked that they were specific.

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