MC: Again

| Sunday, January 4, 2009
I managed to get a couple guildies and some friends of theirs to come to MC. We killed everything up to Domo and then I had to go. One of them is putting out the fires once an hour, so when I get through the... 578 person queue, I think we can kill Domo and Rag. I got a few pieces of lawbringer, no binding from Baron (sadface), and took vendorstrike for laughs. We also got a bunch of BoE T1 and cores. I had to leave in a rush, so I grabbed my share of the cores, rounded up since it didn't come out evenly, and then handed the rest to a guildy (the friend of the non-guildies) and told him to hand it all out.

The run went fairly smoothly. We did have a bit of an upset when I tried to tank three core hound packs at once, and learned that we couldn't keep even damage on 15-18 mobs at once. I managed to find DI in my spell book and throw it on our priest, and was amazed that I had the reagent. Also we had a scare before Garr. I was trying to pull a core hound and instead got the hound and the boss, then another hound wandered over. Fortunately MC is pretty trivial now, so it was really no threat. Baron was a bit trickier since we only had six people and one healer, so the mana burn hurt a lot, even as fast as we tried to cleanse/dispel it. I threw LoH on the priest so he could keep going, probably saved us a wipe.

It's fun to run back through stuff when it's completely trivial, especially when people aren't being retarded or whining about loot. I'd tried PUGs a few months back and they were terrible. Cleansing the firelord's debuff was apparently too much to ask, as was focus-fire on the spawns. No one had an patience, so a single wipe meant a loss of half the raid. Loot was a pain since everyone wanted everything and could not understand the concept of "roll on cores and shards at the end." Don't even get me started on the core hound packs and even DPS. This time I played it safe and mostly soloed them, just with heals, down to about 10%, then had everyone burn them.

Let's see how this goes after the 378 person queue.


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