This is why we can't have nice things

| Sunday, January 11, 2009
So there I am trying to be a decent person. I get invited to a heroic HoL group as the tank and ask if the leader minds me rolling on the axe. I explain that that's the only reason that I'd go. He says I can roll off spec.

Well no shit. Of course people can always roll offspec. Only one group in a million shards stuff before offspec rolls. I wanted to establish ahead of time whether people minded me rolling equally.

So, I left because why stick around for a run where I have two options:
1) Obsessively inspect gear to ensure that no one could possibly want the axe for their main spec. That rules out ret paladins, all warriors (since I'm the tank, we're not bringing prot), DKs, and probably a few weird shamans as well.
2) Run and then due to the rules I agreed to at the start, roll greed vs. the need roll of someone else. Yay, automatic loss.

He calls me a dumbass. Before ignoring him I reply "why, for checking ahead of time?"

I realized that he's right. I am a dumbass. I shouldn't be worrying about establishing loot rules ahead of time. I should just go along as a tank and out of nowhere drop a need roll. Apparently that's the only way to get anything these days. Silly me.


Kiryn said...

One time I was in heroic nexus on my resto druid, the healing mace dropped off of the last boss. You know, the best healing mace in the game pre-Naxx. I roll need, everyone else passes... except one person. I'm sitting there looking over who passed and who didn't, and noticing the enhancement shaman we brought still hasn't rolled. The shaman who already won a piece for her offspec healing set from the third boss.

I was starting to panic. Eventually she passed too, saying she was tempted, but she'd feel like an ass. Well... YEAH. Sometimes I just want to strangle people through my computer.

Green Armadillo said...

I don't disagree with your PUG leader's decision not to let you dictate loot rules. How would you feel if the Holy Pally or Resto Druid who just joined your group in response to a request for healers said that he wasn't going to stay in the group unless the PUG leader allowed him to roll need against you for tanking gear? It can be exceedingly frustrating to be put in a position where you're doing a run because you need something for your main spec only to be told that off-specs are going to roll against you.

I'm not saying it's wrong to ask (there might not even have been anyone else who wanted the item in question). Neither party here is under any obligation to the other, you can ask for loot, money, whatever, and they can take your terms or leave them. Perhaps they shouldn't have called you a "dumbass", but, if that's the strongest language they used, perhaps you could have mentioned that you had terms before accepting the invite.

Fish said...

I remember running ramps with a group as a tank and the blue BoE boots dropped. They all rolled greed and I rolled need because well, they were a HUGE upgrade for me. Everyone jumped all over my case because they were BoE.

I think what you did was the most reasonable way to go about it. The actual tank drops in the expansion are few and far between, so what incentive do tanks have to run the content?

Anonymous said...

You were right to ask. He had the option to refuse. However, he didn't need to resort to name calling to do it; that was rude.

If you are pissed because he was rude, put him on ignore. If you're pissed because you didn't get your way, quit QQ.

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