Versatile gear and hunter weapons

| Saturday, January 24, 2009
Here is a hunter weapon:
What? You say that's a melee weapon? Look at the stats.
Agility: Hunter stat
Stamina: Everyone stat, but survival hunters get some AP from it so, hunter stat.
AP: Everyone stat, but hunters, unlike paladins, DKs, and warriors, have AP multipliers rather than strength. So, hunter stat.
Crit: Everyone stat.
Haste: I don't know if hunters like haste, but I know melee aren't too big on it.

See? Hunter weapon.
But it also happens to be best in slot for melee as well.

How did this happen? In order to reduce wasted gear, Blizzard has been merging the stats that different classes use (all plate DPS uses strength) and making gear useful to more classes (SP conversion). The result is that many excellent melee weapons are also excellent stat sticks.

To make it worse, melee weapons have large numbers of stats on them. In contrast, ranged weapons have fewer, so this sort of FFA gearing benefits hunters far more than melee. In fact, it often ends up screwing over melee.

There is a better way to do this. The changing of feral staves to something more like hunter weapons is key. Change them and druids and hunters will share weapons. To compensate (by that I mean reduce the amount of hunter gear), either convert the AP on melee weapons into strength or reduce the AP for higher weapon DPS.

Or go further and nerf hunter damage overall but compensate them by gaining benefit from weapon DPS. Do the same for ranged weapons, buffing librams and DK things as well.

What's the point though?
Let's all be honest, as melee classes, we're just tired of hunters rolling on 'our' gear. We have a sense of entitlement. Perhaps it is justified.

Would this even work though? Can game mechanics replace good manners? I'd expect it to be common courtesy that melee pass on ranged weapons while hunters pass on melee weapons. Maybe there are extreme cases, but those are due to someone having an important slot that is severely undergeared, so maybe they shouldn't be in the raid/group in the first place.

This may just be a collection of useless suggestions if people cannot put aside their own short-sighted greed for a few seconds.


Rohan said...

Heh, I actually thought this was the point of Titan's Grip, especially Blizzard's willingness to overpower it. It makes all the plate dps want 2H strength weapons. While 1H DPS weapons don't need strength anymore.

I think that one weapon is just badly itemized. If they had set up such that Best-in-Slot was a strength weapon, but 2nd-best was an AP weapon, everything would have been fine.

Kiryn said...

Simple. Make the best-in-slot melee items into maces. Hunters can't even equip them. Problem solved.

Klepsacovic said...

@Kiryn: That would give a slight advantage of humans over other races for DPS. I'm not a fan of min-maxers and I try to avoid giving them anything else to ruin.

Kiryn said...

So how does the current best-in-slot item not give an advantage to orcs over other races?

Klepsacovic said...

You suggested a specific change which gives an advantage to a specific race. I disagree with that, that doesn't mean that I think the current best in slot should give an advantage to orcs either.

I'd like to see the ability to reforge weapons into whichever type a person prefers.

Fish said...

The next time I see a hunter pass on a melee weapon that is an "upgrade" will be the first time. . .

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