"Can't touch this."

| Friday, January 2, 2009
Says the paladin to AQ trash.

I pretty much spent all of today soloing pre-BC raids.
ZG was easy as usual, in fact easier because I'd learned from my previous run.
Snake: Leave his snakes alive, they feed reckoning and mana so you can get the boss into the snake phase sooner. This is at least five minutes faster than wearing down his mana.
Tiger: Bring someone with an interrupt or you will be there a long time. I brought a shaman.
Raptor: Tank him at the top of the pyramid and use seal of wisdom. Use that mana for extra DPS and sacred shield, so you don't need the extra healing from seal of light.

After that I went down to AQ and learned some more. I also killed bad things.
Rajaxx: Do not try to pull the entire event at once. Each wave is trivial, but when you have three waves plus the boss, it hurts, eventually. This might also be easier if you have the NPCs helping, but I was scared of Kurinaxx and did him after.
Kurinaxx: Walk backwards in circles and you'll avoid the sand traps. JoL with SoV should do the job. Remember, enrages are just extra reactive damage.
Moam: He barely does any damage and the adds just feed mana and reckoning. This was a lot easier than I expected.

Ossirian: Clear the adds, you'll want the crystals ready. I wasn't able to handle the damage from him being enraged, so I had to use them. Maybe someone with more avoidance could last through it. The trick is to pull him and then get to the center crystal as fast as possible. Once the enrage is removed, look around for the next one and move toward it. Keep up your health and mana as needed, use SoV when you feel you have plenty, and it's not all that hard. I did have to burn LoH after I took too long to find a crystal, but aside from that it was a pretty smooth fight.

I took his head and gave it to an elf who then yelled about how great I was.

My foray into AQ40 was much less successful. The Sentinels were totally new to me, since I'd never been there. The ability sharing was a neat mechanic, but I can see how it would be incredibly annoying. In fact, I experienced that for myself. Clearing before the first boss I ended up facing mana burn, MS, thorns, and worst of all: 4.7k healing every 3 seconds. Fortunately I knew the mechanics by then I recognized that I didn't want that one shared. Still, I ended up stuck in an endless fight with it until a guildy prot warrior came all the way from Dalaran. It was a long fight.

The boss did terrible things to us.

At the end of all this soloing I was several hundred gold richer, loaded with funny old-world items, and had gained several achievements: killing Ossirian, drinking (the booze by the fish boss in ZG), and the feat of strength for the red resonating crystal. I turned in some of the funny items and finally got the AQ ring and cloak, which combined with my year-old bug leg sword, gives me the best set bonus of all time: 20% chance for 100 mana when judging. Oh, that is awful isn't it? Well, the stats on the gear are no better: str, stam, int, mana/5, and a touch of SP on the ring. Ah, the good old days of terrible itemization for a worse designed class.


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