Paladins and Bloodsail-Goblin balance

| Wednesday, January 21, 2009
I miss double shield of the righteous. It was a big help for soloing or DPS. Yes, prot DPS, what else am I supposed to do when we go from 2->1 for tanks on Thaddius? Still, how much can I legitimately complain about a bug fix?

The single target taunt is great. Does this need elaboration?

Rep decay change:
Raids should have never had rep decay, so this is a fix of a big mistake (oversight? unintended consequence?).
The grind for fixing goblin rep (at no cost to Bloodsail rep) may be too quick now. Running circles outside of Rachet I'm seeing about 4k rep/hour. This isn't theorycraft, this is what I'm actually getting. At that rate I could have my rep fixed in another 6 hours or so. That might be less than the time it took me to get Bloodsail rep in the first place (though admittedly it was a ton faster when I was in a group). I should invite some guildies to bring their alts and follow me around picking up all the cloth and getting free XP. I've been leaving the corpses because it takes too much time for the benefit.

Lag: Horrible. Sartharion took forever because of the lag. I wasn't worried about the enrage timer though, it probably would have been skipped over in all the lag. For the person calling out lava waves it sounded like this: "Lava wave on the right, in theory." Thirty seconds later: "Lava wave on top of you." Half a second later: "Lava wave from the left on top of you." Fortunately the server didn't bother to spawn the elementals most of the time, despite at least 10 people getting hit each wave.


Ferarro said...

You guys have Sarth-3D down?

Klepsacovic said...

No, we're trying one drake next week, and then I guess one more each week as we figure it out.

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