Rules are for Socialists

| Monday, May 24, 2010
So here are my new blog rules. They replace the old blog rules, which I'm pretty sure do not exist.

1) Don't be a douchebag.
2) No trolling unless it's funny or adds a new angle.
3) I reserve the exclusive right to flame people.
4) Don't be stupid. It looks like trolling.

Things I will do out of courtesy:
To keep down spam I will super-delete comments which have already been deleted by the writer. I leave the "this message has been deleted" on most comments that I delete; I feel people have the right to know that I have deleted something.

Anonymous posting is allowed. While I cannot imagine why you'd need the privacy of it, I believe strongly in the right of people to write honestly without fear of backlash. Don't abuse this right; that's what makes governments try to take it away.

There is no word verification because that causes problems for some people.

Comments are not moderated until a post is older than 14 days. This is an anti-spam measure.

Things which I'd claim hurt me more than they hurt you if I was your father:
Comments which I feel break the rules, either written or arbitrarily made up on the spot, will be deleted. In some cases I will make a copy of the deleted comment, so if for some reason you want it back, feel free to email me and I can send it to you. In the case of flame wars: the "this comment has been deleted" gets spammy, so I will instead permanently delete and attempt to post something witty in response, however wittiness is not a mandatory condition of my closing comment.

I wish to keep an open format here so that people can join in what I hope is productive and entertaining discussion.


LarĂ­sa said...

Oh, it seems that you've really got some trouble with your commenters since you have to line out rules like this. Do I see the new uprising Tobold?

I think it's sad that it's needed, but I respect your reasons and hope it will work out for you.

Personally I've noted a decrease of spam the last month. I don't know why, but I'm glad it's happening. Maybe Blogger has found out a way to fight the bastards.

Klepsacovic said...

I actually haven't caught any spam, or seen any, in a while. Maybe my anti-spam measure isn't needed after all.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

First time seeing your site here, I like what I see. Keep up the good work :)

Klepsacovic said...

Thank you very much! I appreciate the encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I shall abide the rules! Although not sure how successful I will be with #4 :D

Stabs said...

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Gevlon said...

The end of liberalism is when the liberal meets reality. As your blog became more popular, more and more idiots and trolls arrive, making the comment section unusable. It's good to see you joined us in moderating.

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Leah said...

oh no! entertaining sure, but productive? why????? /flails dramatically.

even your blog description have changed! deliberately trying to be useful!

the world is ending /dies.

Klepsacovic said...

Oh Gevlon, you're adorable. I'm still not going to proactively moderate comments and I've always deleted tolls if they didn't amuse me.

Fear not, Leah, I shall continue to be at least 50% useless.

No spamming the rule post! It's not right!

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