We will kill the PvE to save the PvE... vP

| Friday, May 28, 2010
PvPvEvP, only 10000g!

"What what what?" screams the Goblin alchengineermancer.
"I want to influence the mind of the boss."
"What what what!?"
"I have a lot of gold."
"Time is money, friend!"
"Ten thousand gold."
"Ten minutes."

I handed over 5000 gold and he began tinkering. He eventually handed back a hat which he assured me would grant control, for ten minutes, over Marrowgar. I gave him the other 5000 gold and went on my way.

I launched the next stage of the war, the most logical stage. Rather than put myself in harm's way, I would put my enemies in harm's way. Rather than attack the Alliance or the Scourge, I make them attack each other.

And so I activated my hat and began to mind control the add tanks.

It's the new way of doing hardmodes: with a player in control. For a mere 10,000g, you can control the boss against players who have activated PvPmode encounters. If you win, you get the loot from the boss. If they win, they get the loot from the boss, and 10,000g. They have four attempts before they lose.

Players can burn through content faster than devs can make it. But players can make content just as fast as they can burn it. Bring together PvP and raiding and make it last forever.


Quicksilver said...

This is actually an idea worth exploring.

Masochistic Bear said...

Not really.

The guilds would just pay to 'fight' one of their own, which would let them loot and gold back effort free.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, people would just find ways to use the system to their advantage, and not the way it was designed. Gotta get them purps asap.

"PvEvP" is a tricky concept. If someone could pull it off well, that would be a pretty amazing feat.

2 words on the wrong way to do it.

Alterac Valley.

Klepsacovic said...

It might be set up to make the boss random. Of course the opponent would be random as well. Match fixing could be dealt with, just as Blizzard has tried to prevent it with arenas.

I was a fan of old AV. Now it's competitive PvE rather than PvP in a PvE environment.

jeffo said...

I had actually had an idea like that in which players could randomly take control of mobs in a dungeon/raid like that. It would be like a vehicle fight where you control the mob and have its abilities; you might be limited in terms of how far you could roam, but player controlled mobs would be able to attack any member of the party at any time.

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