Dear tanks, stop linking trash DPS meters

| Sunday, May 23, 2010
Trash favors AoE damage.
Chain-pulling favors high regen/efficiency.

Guess what? Tanks are all about AoE and we're designed to not run out of mana/rage/runes: we have constant regen, or in the case of non-DKs, boosted regen based on incoming attacks and damage taken.

We're an AoE which never has to worry about too much aggro or bursting too soon. We get reactive damage that DPS won't see.

Besides, they're trash meters. Who gives a shit about trash? But if you really want to be classy, do it in a leveling instance.

Last time I played with such an arrogant tank I'd been on my paladin.

P.S. Don't stand in the whirlwind and puddles.


Green Armadillo said...

We actually had a healer in a leveling instance that was so obnoxious that we decided to votekick him and suck up the 5+ minute wait for a replacement.

It was a regular UK run with a bunch of people hovering around 70, so I'm not sure what he expected, but he spent basically all of the time on the trash complaining about how low our DPS was and how he was going to run out of mana and we were going to wipe because of our low DPS. After we got the replacement, we burned through the place and one-shotted everything. Good times.

We Fly Spitfires said...

I was really surprised the first time I ran a DPS meter with my tank in WoW and found I consistently come out on top even with my prot spec Warrior. TBH, I think there's something quite wrong with WoW when tanks are doing so much dmg :(

Sven said...

I'd partially agree with you, Gordon.

It seems to me that the basic idea of a tank-specced class being able to do good DPS for levelling purposes is fine, but there's less need for it in instances. To me, the answer is to up the impact of stances more, so that in your tanking stance, you do less damage, but the same amount of threat as now.

Having said that, it is sometimes a pleasure to watch a good DPS-tank at work. Watching a DK-tank pull 6.8K DPS in a heroic (twice what we humble DPS were doing) was impressive. Strangely enough, we couldn't pull aggro off him.

Klepsacovic said...

The original reasons, as I remember by interpretations, were that Blizzard wanted to improve aggro scaling (so they buffed damage scaling), wanted leveling to be easier (before dual-specs made it less important), and thought tanks had a lack of pretty numbers. So now we have tanks doing a substantial percentage of the DPS on a single target. Then in a heroic with all sorts of targets it goes through the roof.

Combine that with the high demand/low supply and it's not wonder we're so arrogant, I mean, we're simply amazing people.

Anonymous said...

It was fun when I started leveling my rogue and people were asking for people to link dps meters... in ragefire chasm. Yeah dawg, you're doing 22 dps, you are teh awesome.


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