Is it time to kill Mario?

| Saturday, May 29, 2010
Is Mario the only thing standing between us and math?

Some people aren't too happy with the increasing emphasis on movement in raids. Stand her to avoid the bad effect. Run over there to get the buff. If it is on you run to here. Some call it Super Mario. Indeed, World of Supermariocraft.

I didn't make that but I don't know where it came from. A friend sent it to me on IM sometime and I stumbled across it again recently. Moving on.

What would we do without the generic hop and shift and stand over there now there now there? Well we could... tank the boss, heal the tank, and attack the boss. In this scenario something amazing happens. Amazingly boring: Everything becomes easily predictable based on just math. Can your tank survive the attacks long enough for heals to land? That's a time to live and healer cast time comparison. Do you have enough damage output to kill the boss before enrage or healers run out of mana? That's a simple matter of raid DPS, healer regen/pool, and boss health.

Of course there is a third way, but we don't speak of it, for it has been exiled and deemed offensive. I wonder what it could be.


Ateve said...

That is from the great "Explaining WoW through Mario references" from Cracked.

Very much an ammusing read.

Klepsacovic said...

That made me laugh and cry.

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