A challenge to the Tyrant

| Monday, May 3, 2010
We didn't have enough people to do ICC25. This disappointed me, since I really felt like we'd be able to kill her tonight. That would put as at Arthas. And that's just awesome. Except we didn't go. That surprised me, since I felt that yesterday went really well.

Someone made a ICC10 raid instead. Since my paladin was saved and they needed a DPS, my priest somehow got in. Honestly I felt like a bit of a leech, since her gear isn't all that great and I'm very inexperienced with shadow. But I didn't cause any wipes, so I guess I wasn't of negative use at least.

She walked out with a new ring, shoulders, and hat; items that no one else wanted. And the friendly rep ring. At this point I think she has the gear to be competitive in ICC if I get some more practice. She won't be going on any 25 guild runs, but I could see her going to more 10s, maybe get back into the ICC heroics and randoms and VoA.

There is no chance that she'd replace my paladin, since she can't tank, but she might become a real character. An alt which is an alternative rather than merely a diversion or gold source.

Speaking of alts, my rogue spent 16k on greatness trinkets, agility and strength, which I'm hoping to resell when the servers aren't about to go down. Clearly this doesn't contradict my earlier anti-speculation stance, since I kindly saved them the loss of the deposit. Except for the two that I bought directly. Saving 10g is srs bns.


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